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Fall Newsletter

Welcome to Fall Ya'll!

You know the saying, "write it down and it will come true?" Well, I'm really tired of hot weather, so thus, the title. I'm longing for Fall and cooler weather. Remind me of this when I'm complaining about the cold.

I've been in this amazing writing world for over a year now. I can't tell you how much support and encouragement I've received from readers, authors, and others in the writing world. I'm in awe of your caring and generosity.

I've gotten pretty good at Facebook. My numbers are climbing. At last count I had 383 members! A year ago I had 15 members, and wanted so badly to get to 30 members, which was hard to do since I kept my writing secret from friends and family! Are you a member? Want to recommend me to anyone? That would be awesome!

I've learned how to Tweet! My daughter spent several painful hours with me setting it up, explaining, explaining some more, and then actually answered my calls when I couldn't remember how to do something. She laughs, because when she can't get me on the phone, she can message me on Twitter or Facebook. She tells her friends that I'm on social media more than she is! I almost have 5K followers! That is so crazy! I've made some wonderful friendships through Twitter. Some I even invited to my house for the weekend! That's a whole other story. That weekend was a blast and I hope we can do it again. Kathy, Christina, Efrona are wild party girls! LOL! (They may not be such good friends after they read that:)

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Sweet Royal Beginnings

Sweet Royal Beginning is a short novella introducing The Royal Vow Series. This is the story of Jane and Prince Ki. Ki knows he must marry for duty. His father already picked his wife out and had her on stand-by. Ki wanted just one night of passion with the most intriguing woman he had ever met. But one night wasn't enough.




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Want to be a Lizabeth Scott Beta Reader?

I really want to thank you for subscribing to Lizabeth Scott. Most of you have been there for me from the start and I appreciate it sooo very much. So, to thank you...

I would like to offer you the opportunity to join my new Beta Reader group. Exciting, right? (We really need to come up with a flashy name.) Some of you indicated your interest in this when you subscribed, but I wanted to offer it to anyone on my subscribers list.

What would my Beta Readers do?

1. Receive an advance copy of my books in PDF format approximately 2 to 4 weeks prior to release.

This is the only format I have available, so you would need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you don't already have it, you can download it for free at: (OK, I'll be honest, I don't know how to do any other formats.)

2. Email me with any issues you find as you read. Such as grammar, spelling, continuity, things that don't read clearly, things you wish were added, etc. I really will depend on ya'll to help me get my book just perfect before its release.

3. Leave an honest review on one or as many of the sites where my books are sold within the first week of the release. Amazon, Apple ibooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, GooglePlay. As you know, I'm rather new at this. Your reviews will help others take a chance on purchasing my books. And it will up my books placement on bestseller lists.

4. I may ask for your opinion on cover selection. I have a really hard time deciding sometimes. I would love your input after reading the story.

Pretty easy, huh? If you're clamoring to get your name on my Beta Reader list, just shoot me an email at:

Put in the subject line: Beta Reader

Now keep reading for more exciting news!

Upcoming News!

The Royal Vow Series Update

I'm so happy to announce, by popular demand, my next release will the the fifth, and maybe final book, of the Royal Vow Series - Sweet Temptation! (Cheers! Screams! applause!)

Sweet Temptation is the story of Chellie and Siran. After so many emails and messages asking about Siran, I've pushed the other two books I've been working on aside for the moment, and I'm polishing Sweet Temptation for you!

I hope to have it out before December. Guess what you would get to read early, if you join my Beta Readers Group? Just sayin'...

I think you will be happy with how this story wraps up all the loose ends from the earlier stories in the series, and if I may say so...I think it may be my (cough, cough, blush) steamiest book to date. I'll really miss the SuMartra family. So you may hear from them again. Cover reveal coming soon!

I'm in the final stages of finishing the last Gold sisters story, A Cowboy for Mary. Poor Mary, she's so misunderstood. Just you wait. All is not as it seems in this story.

I would love to have A Cowboy for Mary ready for you before the end of the year as well. I will try my best! I promise.

Want Another Scene?

I'm going to choose one of my published books, and write an additional bonus scene! You can help me select the book, and even the scene. Comment below or email me at

Let's Ask Liz

I love getting emails from you! It still blows my mind that you love my books as much as I do! I love delving into your questions about, why did Ki do this, or what were you thinking when you wrote that! I thought it would be fun if I answer some of there here.

Q. You've said that you've always had the bug to write. What happens inside your head when you're creating your funny scenes?

A. I have no idea. If you've read my bio you know that I always wanted to write, but I was never brave enough to try. Once the amazing author Elizabeth Lennox encouraged me to try, it must have flipped a switch which had lain dormant for years. I never know what my characters are going to do. I may think I know which way I want them to go, but the past has shown they do have minds of their own. LOL!

I will say that the funny parts sometimes surprise me too. My husband is getting used to me laughing while I'm writing. Sometimes, it's just a giggle, but sometimes it's a full out belly laugh the entire time I'm writing the scene. I love it!

Q. Your books are significantly sweeter than most romance novels. Do you think this is what differentiates you from other authors or is there something else about your novels that makes your stories shine?

A. Well, it's very sweet of you to think that. Thank you. I hope my books come across as sweet, innocent and honest, but also sexy and steamy. I love strong alpha males, and I want the fantasy story with clothes magically falling off, instant chemistry with sparks, and happy endings. I want you to need to turn the next page to find out what happens. Those are the types of books I love to read, so I hope that's the way they come across.

There have been many times I've debated for weeks on whether to leave a part in, or take it out. Like I said before, when I write, I don't always know what's going to come out of my fingers. Sometimes it really makes me uncomfortable, and I wonder where did that come from! I pondered a lot with A Sheik for Rose. Oh boy!

Q. You have a full time job besides writing. When do you find the time? Isn't it hard to do so much writing when you have to work forty hours a week?

A. Yes. Yes. Yes! I write at night after work until I fall asleep, and sometime during my lunch break, if I have time. My wonderful, understanding, and supportive husband doesn't say anything when he asks where dinner is, and I say, "Let me finish this chapter and I'll throw something together." or when he asks if there's any clean towels, and I say, " Hang on, let me get this thought down, and I'll get you one out of the dryer." So yes, it is hard to do, and that's probably why I'm so far behind getting new stories out to you! So please understand, I wish I could write faster, but the work vs writing will need to flip. If the stars align, and my stories find their way into many new hearts then maybe...I can't even say it. You know what I mean. Fingers crossed. :)

If you would like to ask me something, you may do so below in the Comment area. I would love to chat!

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Whatcha Reading? Lizabeth Scott's Stamp of Approval Download on Your eReader Now Books

Get ready for Elizabeth Lennox Boarding School Series

The first book, The Greek's Forgotten Wife releases on September 18th, and is up for pre-order now. As a Beta Reader I can already give this one my stamp of approval.

Damon had to marry Sasha to keep his ancestral home. He marries her, and then forgets about her! For six years! She does everything she can, at his infrequent visits, to be the wife he wants.

After six years she's had enough and wants out of their farce of a marriage. At the same time Damon decides to take the little wifey out for a spin. She was young and innocent when he married her, and was of no interest to him what-so-ever. He had no intentions at the time of remaining married to her. But there was just something about her he couldn't get out of his head.

Imagine his reaction when he finally returns to her, expecting the docile woman child he last visited, and is met with a stunning and caring woman demanding a divorce.

Wicked Fall by Sawyer Bennett

Woolf Jennings is a multi-million dollar rancher and oil man who also owns, operates, and participates in a private erotic club named The Wicked Horse.

Callie is the sweet girl from his youth who got under his skin but was too innocent for him. Woolf broke her heart when he refused to be her first. Now she's back, all grown up, and determine to not accept anything less that Woolf's surrender.

This is a hot sexy read that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. I read it in one sitting, not because it was a short story, but because I couldn't put it down. Thank goodness it was the weekend!