Wildlife rescuers

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the more kids that come to N.i.S.D the more schools we have to build and the more schools we build the more we destroy habitats.

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Causes and effects

Construction workers chop down trees to build buildings .effect:Less fresh air.Cause:buildings covers up burrows.efect:animal suffocate in the burrows.cause:cutting down trees to build buildings and the machines that build the buildings...efect:Carbon dioxide goes into the air and the trees don't help because their cut down.


If there was a abandoned house or roads we could build a wild life rescue center from the abandoned houses and for the road's we could build a big schools and we would put a fence around the school and on the other side put a bigger wild life center .And built habitat for animals .inculding artificial pond,grown fruits and trees and grass and for starting out (for new animals) Feeding trouphs with meat for carnivores and greens for herbivores. Animals will have fresh plants and meat eaters will have fresh meat. We will pick up the animals and put them in a decorative habitat in the building so they feel like their actually in their habitat.


Don't :Animal habitats will get destroyed.Does:Animals are safe and good.Don't: Animals can perish because there habitats are broken and they have no were to go.Does:Animals have habitats to stay safe.Don't: Cuting down trees's make's no fresh air and animals into their home's.Does: We have fresh air.

Group members

By: Emilio Kline

Julian Morales

Ryder Ratliff

Molly King

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