1990s Transition of America

Tanner Von Ruden


George H. W. Bush started the decade. Couldn't prevent new taxes, but handled Saddam Hussein's Kuwait invasion

Bill Clinton Took over the rest of the Decade. Pushed health care reform, and he lead the nation into economic prosperity.


Many laws were passed to improve the working conditions of many industries. These helped men and women of all races.

Two examples are the Civil Rights Act and the Disability Act of 1990.

War and Defense

Most of the U.S, war and defense maneuvers involved Kuwait and Hussein's occupation in the country. We fought in the Persian Gulf war, as well as operation desert storm. Many veterans have come out of these operations. In the 90s we focused on protecting other countries from terror and chaos.


The inventions of java script, and the world wide web are introduced in the 90. Also Intel Pentium processors are invented to make computers work more efficiently. Someone created the gas powered fuel cell. Inventions in this decade seemed to be targeted to help for future generations as well as the current decade.


Music and movies are huge in the 90s. The top five songs include Another Day in Paradise and Opposites Attract. The number one movie of the decade is Goodfellas. Singers include Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Brooks and Dunn, and Vanilla Ice.

Lifestyle and Cost of Living

Popular women hairstyle is "The Rachel" for men its the bowl cut. Women wore denim and neon colors. Men wore denim and loafers. Teens went shopping, hunting, and hung out with friends very often. The average salary per person was 21-36 thousand dollars. Gas was $1.34 a gallon.