Activate Your Social Media!

Exclusive Deal for Activate Conference Attendees

Are you ready to ACTIVATE your social media pages?

As an Activate Conference attendee, you saw what I did to help make #Activate2013 EXPLODE on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)! It started months before the conference, to during the spectacular day, to post Conference... and the ACTIVATION MOVEMENT IS STILL GOING!!!!

And now it's YOUR TURN! IT'S TIME TO ACTIVATE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA! I am here to assist you with your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram business pages! I can either consult you and provide the best social media strategies to increase your exposure in the social media world. Or I can help you manage your pages if you don't have the time to be active on social media because you are focusing on other aspects of your business.

The Activate Social Butterfly Special is that I will help you promote an event, product, or service on any social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for 4 WEEKS! I will set up and manage your social media page(s), create hashtags, consult on the strategies, promote the product/event all over social media, and by the end of 4 weeks you will be ACTIVATED on social media! So contact me now to get started:

  1. Email me
  2. We will set up an initial consultation session over the phone or Skype to discuss your business and how social media will help increase your exposure and sales.
  3. You will be invoiced via PayPal accordingly on the social media package you choose.
  4. Your social media presence will be activated for the next 4 weeks!

It's Time To Activate Your Social Media!!! ~Stephanie Voong, The Social Media Queen.

Activate Your Social Media NOW!!! Email me

A little bit about Stephanie Voong:

Stephanie is the Founder/Social Media Strategist at SV Consulting, LLC. She is known as the Social Media Ambassador for Activate Conference. She manages the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for the conference. She also hosts the weekly Facebook or Twitter chat . Her main goal is to make sure that all of the attendees are on their A-Game with their social media pages after the conference!

Official hashtags: #activateconference #whyIactivate #activate2013