The Chung Chronicles

Here's a quick update on what's been going on in 5C.

Recent News

Valentine's Day

Thank you to the room parents and other parents for planning the 5th grade Valentine's Day party!

Typing Agent

Because of the continued importance of typing proficiency, students should spend

20-30 minutes a week practicing typing at home. Each student has a personal login and password. The Typing Agent link can be found here.


Please remember to check the class eBoard for homework assignments and other relevant information.



We are in an American Revolution unit and revisiting the importance of sequencing events in a story. As your child reads any book, you can ask them if the story is mainly in sequential order, or whether they spot any flashbacks or flash-forwards.


Our class did a wonderful job with their chocolate milk essays. Thank you to the many parents that came out and participated in the panel and debate. Your thoughtful questions and feedback enriched the children's experience. My apologies in advance if you see a higher frequency of challenging and counter-arguing at home.


We're in a quick unit on exponents and order of operations. Remember your Dear Aunt Sally? She needs to be excused yet again. For exponents, please look out for the common mistake of multiplying the base by the exponent (e.g., 9^2 is 9 x 9, not 9 x 2).

Social Studies

We are wrapping up our study of Early Americans, and we will move on to world explorers next.


We wrapped up Mixtures and Solutions and started a new unit on Microworlds. We will use hand lenses and microscopes in this unit.