Jeff Bezos

By Kodi Henderson

Imprtant event in childhood/ and how people describe him

Important event was that when his mother died when he was 4 years old he got into technology. He turned his garage into a laboratory. He got so into in how things worked. He intelegence was so strong that when he was in the 4th grade he created the Dream club. In 4th grade he did it.

Now on how people thought of him was that how smart he became the more people went to him with the tech that they needed help with. Now he was in middle when they needed his help!!!!

What he inherent

What he did inherent is that he got the smarts that he got from dad. His dad was a very intelgent man, but with the schooling that Jeff had he went over the smarts that his dad had. He started know more than his dad could even imagine that was true. How do I know this? Is becuase everyone is smart just that his dad has to be the one to give the help that he needs to succed in life because his mother died before he even started school.

What leadership did he gain

He got the leaderdhip as CEO of amazon. Now CEO is a big deal. That you would only get it if you were next in line to that point of office, or you created what ever the business was. In this case he created the amazon. Now to come up with something that will be used in all the future to come is really big.

What types of leaderhip did he earn

The leaderships that he learned was: Thinking outside the box, strategy, doing everything better.

  • Thinking outside the box was that when he created amazon he just didn't put in just strick things to be bought, no, he made it so that when u buy the product you can send it back and get your money back. Normal apps just mail it to you and don't care if u don't like it.
  • Strategy is what he learned as a boy. When his mother died he had to take stance on doing the best in school and making his mother that was never around long enough to be proud.
  • Doing everything better. Amazon, he came up with it. He got so far with this that now he is making tons of money everybody can get something or send something to get money. Now to do something like that better is to always improve. Improve, improve and improve agian. Nothing can ever be so perfect that why you have to improve.

Why did his leadership impact other people

Millions and millions of people but things on amazon. People always are getting what the want or if they dont like that can send i back no worries. The most helpful leadership to the people is that he does better. Amazon alwas upgrades that make the app very easy to opprate. To buy and recive products faster than ever. He created one of the most helpful app to but stuff on. I would at times try to just figure out what i can creat somthing that will change the wold.

Demostraiting leadership do it on don't have to

Yes you have to do something to become a leader. Just about every leader that has ever lived had to have all type of leadership to keep the bussiness to not go out of bussiness. That takes a lot of leadership. You can't run a bussiness without leadership it just doesnt work that way. If you don't show the leadership that you had to do well say by to all that money that you put into it.

The type of leaderhip skills you would need

To become a leader you have to have:

  • Currage
  • Order
  • Heart
  • Strength

That the most impotant now i can go on and on with the skills that are most needed, but you just read all this skript and this is all you need to know on this leader. JEFF BEZOS