cyber bulling

By Vanessa Sanchez

What is cyber bulling?

Cyber bulling is when a child, preteen, or teen is tormented, threatened, embarrassed, and targeted by another. Here is some information telling you something about cyber bulling.
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Forms of technology

Cyber bullies use these pieces of technology computer, phone, and tablet. Any form of technology is used in cyber bulling .
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Can you stop it ?

Yes by confronting them and tell them how it feels. Teach them how to respect others and them self's. If not tell them over the computer and if they don't stop tell an adult or the authorities.

someone else being cuber bullied?

Help them by talking to them or get a adult. At school go to your consular and tell them what happening.

not to do when cyber bullied!

Don't give them a negative comment or tell something just as mean as him or her said because that would make you just as bad as them.
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