The Fire Next Time

Jacob Tuider and Robert Ford Period 2

Main Arguements

1) Racial Integrity- Throughout The Fire Next Time, Baldwin argues that black people need to be proud of their race and retain any hatred against whites.

2) Religion- Baldwin argues that the Black church is wrong for being anti-white. The church is corrupt and now most churches are in it for politics or money.

3) Tolerance- Baldwin also argues that whites are less understanding and scared of black people and that black people need to understand that and take the high ground and be tolerant towards them.

Media Connection

Robert F Kennedy Announcing The Death Of Martin Luther King- This shows the tolerance and respect that Baldwin wanted to get across through The Fire Next TIme.

Rhetorical Devices

Simile - Throughout the text referring to white people as devils to get across the point of view of black people in this time period of being mistreated.

Allusion - Constant allusions to religion, and how Christianity beliefs are different from Islamic beilefs and how that relates to racism.

Analogy - Comparison between whites and black and the white god vs Allah.