Mindful Monday

Happy Monday ya'll!

Please read through this to stay caught up with everything going on in the school.

Pledge of Allegiance

Sign up your students to recite the Pledge over the intercom in the morning. This is something that should be practice every morning, with or without the intercom.

Testing, testing, testing, testing.....

Read closely as to what/when/where testing will be completed in the next few weeks.

NWEA: 3rd grade- during computer class, only one test at a time (teachers DO need to stay) If it runs over, students and classroom teachers will stay and finish.

Star: 1st and 2nd grade- during computer class, only one test at a time (teachers do not need to stay, only to help log on)

WIDA: ESL teachers will be pulling your students starting on Tuesday for testing, in the computer lab (refer back to schedule)


National School Choice Week (NSCW) Dance Competition

NSCW is the last week in January (25-29). This is a time for students to show why they enjoy being at FSI and why they chose this school. There will be a dance competition, based off of the theme song for this year. Below is a link to the theme song as well as to their website, if you would like more information.

Kindest Kansas Citian

DUE FEB. 3RD!! If you need the information again, please let me know. (Synergy link below)

Teach Like a Champion: Positive Framing

The next few newsletters are going to focus on specific techniques from the book Teach Like a Champion.

Positive Framing- corrects and guides behavior by following 6 rules:

1. Live in the now- focus corrective interactions on the things students should do right now to succeed. Don't harp on what students can no longer fix.

2. Assume the best- don't attribute ill intention what could be the result of distraction, lack of practice, or genuine misunderstanding.

3. Allow plausible anonymity- allow students the opportunity to strive to reach your expectations in plausible anonymity as long as they are making a good-faith effort.

4. Build momentum, and narrate the positive- the force that drives the class forward to great achievements. Draw attention to the good and the getting better. (narrating your weakness makes your weakness seem normal.

5. Challenge- exhort students to prove what they can do by building competition into the day.

6. Talk expectations and aspirations- talk about who your students are becoming and where you're going. Frame praise in those terms. When your class looks great, tell them they look like "college scholars," and you feel as if you're sitting in the room with future presidents, doctors, and artist.


Please read over these reminders, as they are very important to making the most out of the school day.

* Students are never to be left unattended, even to run to get copies from the teacher’s lounge. Be prepared!!! (call for help if needed)

* TLC minutes are put on your Google sheet or turned in (through email) once a week!

* Bathroom breaks are bathroom breaks.

* Use your classroom management 100% of the time

* Ms. Dredge is in charge of discipline, NOT MANAGING YOUR CLASSROOM!

* FSI's January character trait is Commitment: “I commit myself to take on tasks I believe in.”

Upcoming Events

1/4: PD @8:30am-4pm

1/5: 1st Annual Million Father March @7:15am-8:15am

1/8: 2nd Qtr Award Ceremony

1/25-1/29: National School Choice Week

1/29: 3rd grade health presentation

Making Meaning: Reading Assessment Preparation Guide (3-5)

Tuesday, Jan. 12th, 6pm

This is an online event.

This webinar will focus on the Reading Assessment Preparation Guide. We will investigate this supplemental resource that can be used to help prepare students for the comprehension portion of end-of-year standards-based assessments. Participants will have an opportunity to collaborate with others about how to include this resource in their instruction. Be sure to have your Reading Assessment Preparation Guide to refer to during the session.
I'm a Teacher: An Educator's Anthem