Battle of Cambrai

By Nashay Gonzales

The Battle of Cambrai

The Battle of Cambrai stated on November 20th 1917 near Cambrai, France. The battle lasted up to 2 weeks and 3 days. This battle lasted till December 1917.

Battle Information

The Battle of Cambrai was also sometimes referred to as the First Battle of Cambrai. The battle was a British offensive and German counter- offensive battle in the first World War. The battle is sometimes described as the first use of large number of tanks in combat, or even as the first use of tanks at all. Also Cambrai was famous of equal importance, the first preregistrtion of artillerty for an offensive.

Generals in charge: Julian Hedworth George Byng; British General

Georg von der Marwitz; German General

Winner of battle: The winner of the battle is the British which was led by Julian Byng.

Number of troops on both sides: British Empire; 2 Corps and 476 tanks (378 combat tanks)

German Empire; 1 Corps

Corps: Up to twenty thousand to forty thousand people

Number of causalities on both sides: British Empire; 44,000 troops and 179 tanks

German Empire; 45,000 troops

Technology in the battle of Cambrai

The only technology that was used in the battle was the use of tanks.
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Story from Cambrai

Here is a story from a soldier in the British Empire. His name was William Hugh Coverley.

Tour Information

Some things you can visit during your tour is the Havrincourt, which is a village which fell in the initial assault of the battle, on November 20th. Bourlon Wood, which became the scene of the farthest advanced of the British before the German counter-attack. Another place to visit is The Louverval Memorial to see the missing people from the Battle of Cambrai.

Area information

Some near by attractions are Musee de Cambrai, Musee Matisse, Centre Historique Minier. Also if you have brought Children with you, you can go to Le Fleury.
Directions to Lille, France from Medford, Oregon

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