Estuary Biome

Ms. Hansen

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Identification and Description of the biome

Estuary refers to the transition between a freshwater river and the salty ocean. The water in an estuary is brackish, that is, slightly salty, though not as salty as the ocean.

Various land features protect estuaries, making them ideal nesting or nursery areas for marine animals.

Estuaries act as filters to protect the ocean from pollutants and pesticides. Conversely, estuaries can provide a buffer between the land and sea, protecting the land from flooding, hurricanes and erosion.

Geographic Location of the Biome (Description and Map)

Estuaries are located at the outlet to the ocean of most major rivers around the world, including each of the locations listed below and highlighted in orange on the map.
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Plants of the Biome

Animals of the Biome