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HHE Mission

Holiday Heights is a SAFE and ACCEPTING place where everyone works together to LEARN, IMPROVE, and ACHIEVE our goals.



September 26 Campus Leadership Meeting 3:45-4:30

September 30 Hearing/Vision Screening in Science Lab

September 30 End of the 1st Six Weeks: CORE Outstanding Student for Six Weeks Nomination

September 30 House meeting: 8:10-8:40

September 30 Native American Heritage Day

September 30 T-TESS Goals in Appraise by the end of the day

September 30 PTA Membership Night & 1st Choir Performance

October 3-7 Monarch Butterfly Week (state insect)

October 3 Hearing/Vision Screening in Science Lab

October 3 Art/PLC day

October 3 Faculty Meeting 3:45-4:30

October 4 SCC Meeting (send questions to Toy)

October 5 Special House Awards Sheet Completed

October 6 Science Night (everyone should be here to help)

October 7 Red River Rivalry: Dress in UT or OU Attire for the Day

October 7 House meeting: Awards Celebration

October 10 Flex day

October 11 District Staff Development

October 12 PTA Dairy Queen Night

October 14 House meeting

October 14 Field Day

October 17 Faculty Meeting

October 18 Picture Retake Day (on the stage)

October 19 Kinder Compositions

October 20 Fantastic Teeth Club: 1st Grade Cafeteria 9-10

October 21 House meeting

October 24-27 Book Fair in the Library

October 24 Team Lead Meeting

October 21 Grandparent Breakfast in Library 7:30-8:10

October 21 Dr. Clark & Dr. Holland Walk-through

October 27 PLC/Art Day

October 27 PTA Bosses Pizza Night

October 28 House Meeting & Storybook Character Dress-up Day

October 28 Carnival 5-8 (everyone should be here to help)

November 1 World's Finest Chocolate Kickoff (fundraiser)

November 2 50th Day of School: Wear 50's attire

November 4 House meeting & Arbor Day

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Shout Outs

  • Thank you Laura for continuing to update and arrange everything in Google docs for us!
  • Thank you Becky for coordinating and preparing our Science Night!
  • Darian and Vicki worked exceptionally hard cleaning out our book-room and getting Mentoring Minds out- they ROCK!
  • Thank you Vickie for stepping in to help in the office this week!
  • Thank you to Mrs. Hay greeting our students with energy and excitement every morning!
  • I appreciate Mrs. Washington uplifting words and how excited her students are about learning as they invite me into the room every day :)
  • Thank you Betsy Waldrip for working on the spelling bee and arranging dates with the district!
  • Thank you Mr. D for serenading our students at drop off- parents have expressed their love many, many times!
  • Our library is looking great! Susan continues to tweak this space to make it more organized and the best experience possible for our students. She has big plans in store as she continues this transformation.
  • Thank you Kimberly Hughes for keeping up with and delivering the Howdy Dance pictures.
  • Thank you Paul for arranging things with UTA and Kathy's Critters for Science Night!
  • Thank you Mr. Clem for sponsoring our Green Team and coordinating efforts with NRH!
  • We appreciate the support of our outstanding coaches Sarah and Christina for their guidance and PD delivery. They are both an excellent resource to continue our development with Kagan strategies, interactive word walls, & interacting with your standards. Remember the running records resource book has been delivered to the library for anyone who needs to check this out.
  • Thank you Carrie for being the "Keeper of Keys" at the end of the hallway and managing morning traffic at the door with a smile!
  • Thank you to the anonymous candy donor who filled up our candy bucket this week!
  • Thank you to the caring person(s) who anonymously donated underwear to the nurse for our students!
  • Thank you 5th grade teachers for helping our students begin to lead theri house meetings. HUGE shout out to Momora- it was incredible to see our 4 fifth graders take on the roles of facilitating the meeting. They are collaborating on something during their free time at lunch and recess for next week... I am so excited!
  • Thank you Mrs. Mason for helping find the water tool to fill our pond back up.
  • Thank you Mr. Lane for always singing Friiiiiday to our students at the end of each week :)

Communication with Families

Positive communication with our community and making sure families feel they are a welcomed part of our school is one of our major campus goals this year.

Could each grade level send/email me how you communicate with your families each week: Newsletter, Facebook page, weekly email announcements, Remind, and/or a combination of ways?

As you are scheduling your parent conferences, remember to always begin by stating something positive about the student. Make every effort to communicate in a note, e-mail, phone call to get a face to face meeting with parents.

If possible, please use the below form to let me know of 1 student each week that did something to be recognized for. I will be making at least 6 phone calls a day to let parents know of the great thing their child did and brag on you and how proud you are of them.

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We are on a mission with your class missions

Please type up, print out, have students sign (or fingerprint) their mission statement, and then send me these class mission statements!

Our announcement team will be going mobile. Once all classroom mission statements are turned in, we will be visiting classrooms and doing announcements Live and On Location. We will spotlight the mission statement of the classroom we are in. The mission will also be visible in the main hallway of our building along with class pictures. Your mission statement needs to be a living, breathing part of your day and your routines. A good practice to put in place would be to recite it everyday as a class as soon as announcements are over, and turn it into a habit. Next week LOL will be tweaking our campus mission based on your beliefs and we will roll that out to you ASAP!

Upcoming Evening Events

Evening events that happen on campus and serve our whole campus like the Howdy Dance, Science Night, and Carnival are a vital part of fulfilling the mission of our school. It is important that everyone participate and contribute to these events.

I know that there are some times that a family event might overlap with these and I want you to prioritize your family first for these rare conflicts. If you cannot be part of a school evening event, please email Mr. Wamsley in advance and let me know. Thank you

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Feedback Needed

Continuous Improvment for HHE: Plus/Delta/Rx

This information will be collected and shared at team leader meetings so we be solutions focused. Please use this form throughout the year to help provide information that can help us learn and grow as a campus.

Please email Susan Henderson if you have any students who need a mentor or caring adult for a student who needs some additional support.

We all have areas that we need to grow and improve upon. Quality data and feedback is the most important variable needed for continuous improvement. Please take a moment to fill out the below form in areas I have identified that I need to grow in to be a more effective leader for this campus. I am looking at doing a BOY, MOY, and EOY to track my progress. This is only available to Birdville users, but it does not record any identifiable information other than the time that the form is submitted.

*** If your username is ever to be recorded on a Google form there is a red message at the top of the form notifying you of this ***

If however you feel more comfortable printing out a hard copy and placing it in my box that would be fine as well. I appreciate your help in my professional development.

Every Kid is ONE Caring Adult Away From Being a Success Story

Every Opportunity: Relationships matter

Above is the video we watched at the faculty meeting on Monday. If you have a chance I want to encourage you to take a moment to pickup where we left off and view the 1 minute on the marbles. "It does not matter how much time we have left to make an impact; it is how much we make of the time we have"

Remember to see problems in a different light — as a chance to make an impact, an opportunity to transform the future. These are beacons signal that signal it’s time for fresh thinking. It’s not just a matter of resolving the immediate issue, but using the problem to reassess the current way of what we are doing, to identify new needs, and to innovate. In this way, problems can open new worlds.

School Photos Throughout the Year

We have a folder on our Google drive that will be for any school events that we have pictures for. This will help us with making end of year videos, yearbook, and other celebrations. Please post in the below folder as needed:

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Field Day

Sack lunched will be provided for students on Friday, October 14th Grades k-1 will pick up lunches beginning at 10:30. This gives them around 45 minutes to eat lunch in their classrooms. They will need to be back in the field day rotation by 11:30. Grades 2-5 will pick up their lunches beginning at 11:00. Again, this will give them around 45 minutes to eat lunch in their classrooms. They will need to be back in the field day rotation at 12:00.

Thank you Kim, Jeanne, Paul, and Marchelle for all your work on this!

RAZ Training

We will have training provided by our wonderful coaches on Tuesday the 27th. Please take a moment to watch this 12 minute video before the beginning of school on Tuesday so you come right in and get started with the collaborative work.

It would also be extremely beneficial if you would try log in to Reading A-Z (RAZ Plus) this week so we can try to get log in issues resolved before the training on Wednesday, September 28th. If anyone has trouble logging in, please send an email to the Help Desk in Outlook ( Teresa Lawson previous email said to type your full name and Reading A-Z in the subject area. In the body of the email type: I cannot login to my account with Birdville credentials or I do not have a login for Reading A-Z.

Technology Spotlights

BISD Learning Conference

When: October 1, 2016 -Registration open NOW!

Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Where: Birdville Center of Technology and Advanced Learning 7020 Mid Cities Blvd ~ North Richland Hills, TX 76180

Who: BISD Campus Teachers/Staff, Administrators and Central Office Staff

Clothing needs

We have 2 big needs with clothing items:

  1. The Nurse needs any new underwear that will fit our students. Anyone can donate and this can be a class effort :)
  2. The Cloths Connection serves hundreds of our student with essential clothing and footwear. They are critically low on clothing right now and would love any gently used clothing from 3T to adult.

Information & Updates

  • We are having a team leader meeting on Monday. Please let your leader know if there is any campus items we need to discuss.
  • If you have not already, please send Nicole your key numbers in an email
  • October Flex day is approaching, if you didn't attend any professional development this summer or are an EA and don't have Comp time please stop by and see Mr. Wamsley or Mrs. Appling so we can make plans for Oct. 10th.
  • We still only have one cafeteria monitor. If you know of a parent or someone else that is interested, please let Nicole know.
  • Thank you for a great job during our shelter in place down drill of the year! Here are a few reminders of staff actions during these drills:
  • Your classroom door must be locked at all times. Shelter in place you keep your windows uncovered and can continue teaching, but keep all students inside the room. Rooms that are not being used should always be closed and locked with the lights off.

  • We will be having a district Lock-down drill very soon! Also expect a campus fire drill next week. During lock down, you and your students must be sitting quietly in a corner of the room least visible, not working, with the lights off, and remain silent until the room is open and cleared by an official.
  • Please join PTA as soon as possible, our goal is 100% staff by September, have it in early for a week's worth of jeans :)
  • Encourage parents to join PTA. Get creative (and relentless) in working towards 100% of your class to join our PTA- they do SO MUCH for our campus and we need to do everything we can to help with membership!
  • Reflections is a PTA program where students create a work (art, writing, dance, song, ect) and compete at the district and state level. This year's theme is "What is Your Story?" and the entire deadline is December 1st. Please publicize Reflections Night with your students and in your parent communication.
  • BISD Foundation awards grants to teachers each year for innovative ideas. These are due in December and awarded in the spring. Start thinking of ideas for a grant now. More information next week!
  • Office Depot has $200 grants that you can apply at if you would like to try for a gift card.
  • Home Depot also will usually give gift cards to teachers, just write them a letter with the details about the project you are building and the materials needed to the store manager.
  • T-TESS Calendar:
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Creating A Culture of Curiosity

Take two minutes, show the curiosity, and simply let your students ask questions. Let them wonder. Let them make unexpected connections and share personal experiences.

assign homework or create classwork out of these questions, or you’ll quench the fire. If kids want to find the answer, they’ll find it on their own time. If not, then maybe it just wasn’t that interesting to them. And that’s fine.

COOL FACT ABOUT CURIOSITY: When you're very curious about a topic, that curiosity affects the chemistry of your brain. It prompts the release of dopamine, activates the reward system, and ups your motivation to learn. Not only that, but it increases your capacity to learn, too. A 2014 study found that curiosity primed subjects' brains to both enjoy and remember learning information. The improved memory even applied to information that wasn't relevant-simply by studying a topic they were interested in, participants could more easily remember a random face that was shown during the learning process.

Parking Information

Thank you for sharing information with your LOL representative and we have been able to come to consensus for parking while students are in the building. We are parking by lots starting this coming Monday the 26th. The lot on Lola will basically be for PK-2nd, office, Hay, and Mr. D. The lot on Cloyce will be for 3rd-5th, Redding, Wright, Appling, Wamsley, Peck, and McIntire. The lot on Susan Lee will be for Noble, Sands, Mann, Gregory, Smart, Bryant, Dunnahoo, Title 1 Tutors, Coaches, Samuelson, and anyone else that is not on campus everyday. If you and another staff member want to switch lots from Cloyce to Lola- just arrange it with that person. This fills these lots to capacity. If there is an issue with availability of spaces we will come back together in SBDMC. Please let me know if you have any questions.

*** Safety update***

All visitors, including any district support/maintenance staff, must check into the front office and use the visitor parking lot on Susan Lee. If anyone is parking in the HHE Staff lots, please let Mr. Wamsley know. No one should be coming in through the gates unless they have already checked in and have a badge.

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Energy Managment

We are doing really well with our electrical use. Please continue to be mindful of turning out your lights when you are not in the room and double check to make sure you have not left any small devices on, especially projectors. If you are up here on the weekends please do not rely on our sensors turning these off, so remember to turn out the lights and equipment in our common areas after you are done. This will greatly help us continue our responsible use of resources.

Please let Resa Goodwin know if you are having any issues with your air conditioning including if your override button is not working. She will be the person to coordinate with Mr. Diaz and Laron Street for the energy management consultant.

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Instructional Corner

  • Please take a moment to review our districts Tier 1 priorities and let me know if you need any support in furthering our work with these.
  • Don't forget to add Kagan structures to your normal routine and lesson plans. You should at least be using one structure a day by the end of this six weeks. I am ordering the "one pager" for every teacher on the 10 most effective strategies.
  • The following items should be up on your wall and interacted with during instruction: TEKS, Math Posters, Norma Jackson Posters, interactive word walls, and class mission statements.

Attire and Professional Dress

I appreciate how professional and prepared everyone looks everyday. This sends a strong message to our community that we can be trusted to teach their children and shows that you deserve the respect given to any professional.

On the first day of each week you may wear this year's T-Shirt with light colored pants/skirt instead of professional teacher dress.

On Wednesdays during the month of September and October you may wear jeans with a college shirt. From November through March you may chose to wear the school sweat "uniform" on Wednesdays. April and May we wear professional dress to finish the year.

Fridays are jeans day with a school spirit shirt, which can include your house spirit shirt. Please make sure that our attire is above the student dress code (no holes, no fraying, etc). Please let us know if you have any questions about this.

September Birthdays

Darian Sands September 15

Maria Paz September 17

Marchelle Smart September 22

Tonya Bishop September 27

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Communication information

Staff please get the Remind 101 app use code @81010 or text @bisdhhe to get updates throughout the year.

You might also want to Like the Holiday Heights Elementary official Facebook Page and follow Twitter @bisdhhe to keep up with school happenings throughout the year!