Comparison of the Scottsboro Trials

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What were the Scottsboro boys on trial for?

The Scottsboro boys were on trial for a gang rape of two white girls by nine black teenagers on a Southern Railroad freight train on March 25, 1931. But all that they did was get a white gang off the train.
Scottsboro: An American Tragedy
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Did they commit the crime? Where is the proof?

I am pretty sure that The Scottsboro Boys did not commit the crime, because they had a blind man with them, and a man that was to sick to even walk around. The women that were accused of being raped by them were on a different train car. They were accused on the simple fact that the white word would always win versus a blacks. All people should be equal in the court, but despite that, eight out of nine of the defendents were put to death.

How people reacted to the Scottboro trial descision.

When it was taken to court, the Judge James Horton overturned the the jury's verdict that were guilty, due to the lack of evidence. Since the judge was going for The Scottsboro Boys defense, he was not re-elected in the fall by the people in Alabama.

Despite James Horton overturning the jur's decision it was taken to court again. And they come out guilty.

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How is this trial similar to the Tom Robinson's trial?

The Scottsboro trial is similar to the Tom Robinson trial, because in both, a black man was put to death when they were innocent. Both times there was a judge that tried to help and saw right. Both of the times the black men were convicted soley because it was a white mans word versus a black mans. Both have evidence to show they are innocent, like in the Tom Robinson, Mayella Ewell was beaten on the right side of her face, which means that the attacker must of led with his left hand. Tom's left hand was caught in a cotton gin and all his muscles were ripped, so he couldn't have led with his lift. In the Scottsboro case, there was a blind man and a man to sick to do anything. How could they have joined in a gang rape? It just doesn't make sense.

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How is the Scottsboro trial different from Tom Robinson's trial?

In the Scottsboro trial 9 black men were tried in court but in Tom's case only one man was tried in court. Also in Tom's case one women was said to be raped but in the Scottsboro trial 2 women were said to have been raped. In Tom Robinson's Case the girl was said to have been raped in Mayellas house but in Scottsboro trial the women were said to have been raped in a train cart. Also, Tom Robinson's may have just been a story, the scottsboro is real.