What To Expect

1st Trimester

During your first trimester most moms are really tired, you may exspirence morning sickness but every women responds differently to the hormonal changes. You gain about 1 to 5 pounds during your first trimester. Your baby is just about the size of a kidney bean the intesting are just about starting to form. The eyelids, mouth, and nose are taking shape.

2nd Trimester

As you move into your 2nd trimester you will start to exspirence pressure on your lower back, don't worry that's nothing but your baby growing. You will start to notice mild swelling in of your ankles and your feet. You breast will become larger but there getting ready for the production of your milk. You will become alot more moody. Your baby hair and nails are going to be growing. Your baby digestive system is starting to mature as well as the brain.

3rd Trimester

In your last trimester you will be gaining more weight now then in your first two trimesters. Your under arms as well as your neck may become a little darker than usual, don't worry it will soon go away after our arrival comes. Your doctor may tell you sexual intercourse will prepare u a little for later. Your baby bones become harder starts to get his/ her five senses. And starts to look more and human.


You may want to get ready for the mood swings. Your wife may become a lot more moody than you expect but just work with her and stick it out, you may notice ur gaining a bit of weight as well that's only because since your wife is eating alot you are to, you should maybe try working on your sexual interaction with her get her in the mood. Just remember the mood swings are temporary so stick it out and ur gift from god will be here soon.