The Amazing Race

By: Myra Khan

The Amazing Race is a race between teams. You race around the world to complete tasks in order to win. Your starting point is Sacramento, California!

Sacramento, California

Life in California is very..............expensive! The summer in California is very dry and the winters are mild, moderately wet. Turkeys here are raised here more than any other state in America. Famous Traditions in California are The San Franciso Holiday Lights Trolley tour and the Christmas Boat Parade! California is located in the South of Oregon and The West of Nevada!
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Mumbai, India: Asia

Desi Delight

Explanation:Mumbai is known as Bollywood City and it is one of India's Busiest cities. It is very hot in March-May and reaches up to 94 degree! A lot of traditions are celebrated here like Eid, Holi (celebration of Spring), and Diwale! The word "Bazaar" is a both Urdu And Hindi vocabulary and was introduced most likely by Rudyard Kipling (the author of the Jungle Book) who was born and raised in India. In India, snacks and sweets are famous like Laddus, Gulab Jamuns, and Jalebis! In this race, teams have to go to Chor Bazaar (One of Mumbai's biggest Bazaars), find a Samosa shop and eat 20 spicy samosas each person! You cannot drink any water and if you fail to do this, 5 more samosas will be added the next attempt! You have to do this in 4 minutes so Good Luck!

Sydney, Australia : Australia

Wacky Weather

Australia is mostly known for the Great Barrier Reef! Koalas and Kangaroos roam around Australia a lot and Koalas mostly live in a tree names Eucalyptus and there are 739 species of the Eucalyptus trees! The eucalyptus leaves contain a scent and today we use this scent as a mosquito repellent! One of Australia's famous sports is cricket! Summer in Australia starts in December and ends in February and the temperature can reach up to a 100 degrees so in this race, teams will have to wear at least 3 fluffy jackets in the summer and greet 10 people in 5 minutes! If teams fail to do this task, they will have to wear another layer of jackets and will have to greet 2 more people!

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Istanbul, Turkey: Europe

Sherbet and Ice Cream Race

The winter in Turkey is very cold in some places but mostly mild along the coast and the Summer in Turkey is pleasant but may get hot sometimes! Some of the major Holidays and Traditions are Ramadan, New Years (after Ramadan), and Eid! Ice Cream in Turkey is served with tricks and they have really good tricks which can make you stand there wondering how they do it. Sherbet in Istanbul, Turkey is served in Markets and Restraunts by people who dress up in a red traditional dress with a long pot hanging on their shoulder. In this race, teams have to send one team member to find an ice cream man and learn tricks to serve Ice Cream and also them by themselves have to eat 3 Ice Creams from a Turkey Ice Cream man. The other team member has to serve sherbet by dressing up as one of them and serve 15 people! This task needs to be done in 45 minutes or less! Good Luck!

Turkish Ice Cream Tricks in Istanbul

São Paulo, Brazil: South America

Macaw Madness

Humidity in Brazil is very high and especially in forest! The warmest month in Brazil is January and the coolest is June! Iguaca Falls, and the Amazon River are the most famous places in Brazil! The Country animal is the the bird which is the Macaw! Scientists say Macaws will soon become instincts. Macaws can mimick sounds such as humans saying something so In this race, teams have to go find a Macaw anywhere in Brazil and teach it any song but in 45 minutes. Then there will be a show for the kids there for 10 minutes! Have Fun!
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Cairo, Egypt : Africa

Sandy Sahara

Egypt is filled with ancient pyramids made by the Egyptian people. It is hot year around and a very sandy place. The Nile River is located in Egypt and is very famous in some religions. Ramadan (30-day fasting), and Eid (after Ramadan) is also celebrated in Egypt. The Sahara Desert is a long stretching desert that stretches 3.51 million square miles. In this race, teams have to go to the Sahara Desert and find a small pyramid which is 5 inches by a camel provided for you. Don't worry, we have a few hidden not just only one and we won't send you far. You have a 1 mile times 1 mile border. You will find your next task taped underneath the pyramid. If you can solve this riddle, you may know where the pyramid is already. Riddle: What has a mouth but cannot eat, has a bed but cannot sleep, it always runs and never walks. Good luck and see you back in America!

Dallas, Texas

Dallas is a major city in Texas and maybe the busiest too besides Houston! Weather here is mainly pleasant but not all the time! The state flower is the Bluebonnet and American and Mexican restaurants are famous here! Texas has a lot of land and Texas is known for the Longhorns that live in Texas!

By: Myra Khan

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