Music of an Angel

Celebration of Dean McKeon's Life

Why is this event special?

My uncle's funeral service last year was a celebration of his life. It was a memorable service because it was a hard and sad day. We all learnt something new about Dean because he was a different person. He meant different things to different people and it was good to have an insight into what each person felt towards him. Dean was also one to have a good time. We often joked that there were 3 Deans. There was the Family Dean, who was quiet and loving; the Friends Dean, who was always partying and enjoying life and there was the Work Dean, who worked hard and dedicated himself and got the job done.

What he meant to me...

Dean was my uncle and I loved him. He was taken from us too early but I suppose God needed another angel. Dean loved his music, he could play anything from the bongos to guitar. It was his passion and he looked up to Bob Marley. He was eccentric - a free spirit and if you ever met him, you were very lucky.


My nan's friend made this quilt for her. She hand stitched all the hearts, flowers, birds, border, tree, musical line and the angel. She also ironed a story onto the back. The birds represent the birds of heaven and the tree is the tree of life. The musical line represents Dean's soul and love of music and the angel flying away is Dean. The writing on it says, "Dear my beautiful boy, may heaven come alive with your music". My nan wrote this to Dean.

By Chelsea Skuza

"Dear my beautiful boy, may heaven come alive with your music."