C.C.C Bad Luck Brides Maid

Diana G. Gallagher illustrator Brann Garvey

Main characters

Claudia - she is our main character 13 years old, a 7th grader too she lives with her mom, dad,brother she will be the bridesmaid at the wedding.

Laura- she is the bride, also Claudia's oldest and favorite cousin she is 25.(main character)

Claudia's mom- she is Laura's aunt and sister of Inez .( claudia's aunt)

Inez- Laura's mom - Claudia's mom's sister-aunt of Claudia.

Sally - She is Laura's best friend they have know each other since very young, she will be the maid of honor.

Pablo- he is Laura's fiance they met in collage when Pablo asked Laura to help him with his french paper Laura said yes ,before long they were dating and now there getting married!


Joey- He is Sally's 6 year old nephew and is the ring bearer at the wedding.

Jorge - He is Inez's Husband, Claudia's uncle, Laura's dad

Claudias Dad- Isn't much excited about the wedding, he spends lots of time with Jimmy

Jimmy- Claudia's 16 year old brother ,he try to ignore Claudia as much as possible likes music and computer games

Grandma Vergas- Laura's grandma and Jorge's mom

Martin- Pablo's cousin hes 14 years old he might have a crush on Claudia, he is a groom an in the wedding.


At the beginning they were at Laura's house ,then they went to the church to practice for the wedding, Went back to to An special dinner with their both family ,the next day to church, when then then wedding was over they went to the party room.


The book Claudia Cristina Corez- Bad Luck Bridesmaid tells about how Claudia and Laura are worried that the wedding will mess up but they are completely wrong.

At the beginning of the story Claudia is saying a lot of of things that can be bad luck and Laura gets scared, they loose the tradition all old bracelet . Laura because at the wedding practice Claudia almost falls but gets caught and she gets nerves. The day of the wedding Pablo is late this makes Laura worried ,it makes her more worried when the D.J wont show up. They realize Joey had the old bracelet. After all the wedding comes out perfect and the party is going a blast and Jimmy gets to be the back up D.J When there half way through the party Claudia get passed on the old traditional bracelet . At the end Laura thanks Claudia for all the tips and apologizes for not spending time with her and gives her and invitaction to visit her a whole week at her new house.


Claudia and Laura are scared that the wedding will mess up and be ruined. But they are complete wrong . This is a internal conflict Person VS themselves .

Three Quotes

"According to another superstition there are good days and bad days for having a wedding Monday-health, Tuesday -wealth, Wednesday - best of all ,Thursday - for losses, Friday -for crosses, Saturday - no luck at all"-- Page 41

" Long ago fathers gave their daughter's husbands money and gifts when they were married. This was called an dowry, however if a father didn't like the groom he didn't give anything, when this happened the brides friends gave her the present instead "-- Page 31

"The rehearsal dinner gives family and friends a chance to relax and get to know each other , out of town guest are often invited too, traditionally the grooms parents plan the dinner "--Page 53