safety online

stay safe - By Emily B. & Jennifer. C

Think before you post

When you post do you think before you post?When we post some thing it can effect our lives. Comments or pictures it can stay forever and could ruin your carer. Thinking before we post is important. Like if we post an inappropriate picture you can delete but a person can save it and share it. We all post but we need to stay safe online, just one picture or comment can take a big toll on or lives.
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how to stay safe online

We all post but some times we post personal stuff.Some times hackers can see what were doing so here are some tips to stay safe online.Don't put your phone number or email on the web because some on can see and hack on to it.Make sure you change your password every so often pleas don't put a word that is in the diconry.Put some thing that is very hard to guess.Tell you'r mom or dad when you what to put some thing on the intrent.