Gavin Botsko


getting to tokyo, japan

Getting to tokyo japan i will have a limited amount of airlines that i can ride so i will be riding United Air Line. Our flight will departure from denver to tokyo at 8:35am and arrive to tokyo at 3:00 our flight will make one stop on the way to tokyo.

Where to Stay

we will be staying at the peninsula tokyo we will be staying in a two bed bedroom. in the hotel we are staying in will also have a tanning salon and a spa.


Their are lots of activities we can do buti am most intrested in their tea ceremony, and accordding to "Taking part in a traditional tea ceremony and admiring bonsai trees at the Japanese Garden, Happo-en (Please note: Happo-en will be closed between July 16 and August 23. The tea ceremony will be replaced with a guided visit to the Meiji Jingu Shrine instead)."


some problems we may run into is if we do not have enough money to rent a car because we used to motch money on activities. the solution to that problem would be to not waste alot of money on activiesand save some money for a taxi or o rent a car.


the reason that i picked the place i did was because that ive known my friend kaden for my whole life and we have always talked about going to tokyo and he is the person that i would go to tokyo with.

About the Traveler

history and culture

i think the history and culture of tokyo is amazing like how they manage their government and extend their government according to "Visiting temples and shrines, Japanese gardens, and cultural properties isn't the only way to enjoy Tokyo. You can also breathe the scents of the season in the vast greenery, immerse yourself in modern-day Tokyo with the urban scenery and at commercial facilities, and appreciate art at museums."