Beautiful BYOD

How can I teach my students in my BYOD district?

You Have One New Tool in Your Toolbox

How are you going to use it? In general, think of the things you normally do in your classroom. Ask yourself the simple question, "Is there a technology tool that would work here and be better?" If not, stick with what you are doing. But if you see something today that you know your students would love, give it a shot!

  • Delivering content
  • Research
  • Collaboration
  • Review and practice
  • Projects

Delivering Content

As difficult as it may be for teachers to let go of their lecture format, studies show students learn better in a more immersive format. You can still be in complete control by converting your existing Power Point slides to a Nearpod, or by steering students through each phase of the lesson by using a website such as this one (try Smore, Tackk, or Weebly).


Can you say Google? That's the first thing that comes to mind, but it's so much deeper than that. Challenge students to document their research correctly and provide strong guidelines to direct their findings to meaningful results.


Google again leads the way with Google Drive, but there are also other methods of sharing documents, including Dropbox and Box. Teachers can collect documents from students using one of these and sharing a folder with students. Or, set up a shared whiteboard space for brainstorming using AwwApp, a free online resource. This is also a great place for a math teacher to begin to work a problem, then ask for any student in the class to take over without having to go up to the board.

Review and Practice

Project Based Learning

There are so many wonderful, FREE, tools now available for students to create their own content. Replace that aging poster, papier-mâché, or popsicle stick project with something more engaging for the kids and less costly for their parents.

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