Wednesday Wars


about the book

This book is about how Holling Hoodhood has to be on his best behavior even around his teacher, to keep his fate from sneaking up on him again and again .

ALL About The Author

Gary D. Schmidt grew up in a long island suburb during the time Vietnam war was happening. He made this book about his life stories and is now know as an English professor at Calvin college in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


The book Shakespeare which comes out to really help him in the story.


the setting is an school which this town is in the middle of the Vietnam war .

the conflict

the conflict is the Vietnam war and him thinking his teacher hates him and this would be a man vs man and man vs self because he thinks his teacher hates him.


The theme his not ever thing or everybody is out to get you but still keep your guard . The reason I came to this conclusion is that by the end he figures out that the Shakespeare has helped with things in his journey.

Book review

I have in joyed this book through out the adventures and well written detail of this novel I would rate five star

The Wednesday Wars Book Trailer