A Little Bit Scary

By Arjun Chaudhari

You probably think that Shredder is a little bit scary but

when he goes home every day he brings cupcakes home for his little Shredlings. He also always kisses his Shredlings good night.

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My Monster's Good Deeds

My monster always donates to the homeless.

My monster makes blankets for the Red Cross.

My monster never says bad words.

My Monster's Family

My monster has a sister named Ripjaw, a brother named Bloodmouth, a mom named Kristin, and a dad named Will. His grandparents are Marty and Alice. His great-Grandparents are Ace and Domino.

My Monster's Activities

My monster likes soccer, and football. He also likes Nightmare on Elm Street, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. He especially loves swimming most.

My Monster's Favorite things

My monster's favorite things chess, pizza, and oraganic CHEESE!!!!!!!!!

He also likes P.E and Science.