Coach's Corner

March 19, 2017

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Teaching Practice: I use and teach new or unfamiliar vocabulary

Conscious Discipline: Teaching Self Regulation

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Ladybug Dots

Write the number on the bug and use black dots to count to that number. Simple to make and fun to do!
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Outdoor ABC Word Hunt

To play:

1. Look for the first natural item you see. What letter starts its name? You don’t need to search for items in any particular order, though that’s one way to approach the game.

Another idea? Try picking one area and using your observation skills to find as many items in that space as you can before moving on. For example, how many words can you find just by looking at a tree? A flower? Under a rock?

2. Write down each item next to the corresponding letter on your list. Your child may want to try writing words out by him or herself, too. This is great practice for beginning readers.

3. Continue with your ABC nature scavenger hunt until you have found an item for each letter – or until you have played for a certain length of time.

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