Sam Carr

Ancient Egypt


Egypt, you'll find it it in the top right corner of Africa. Temperatures usally exeed 20 degrees ferenheit and are below 90 degrees ferenheit. It is surrounded by several other countries and is near Iran an Asian country.

The Nile River

The Nile River was a Huge part of Ancient Egypt. It is located in the Nile River Valley. It's about 4,184 miles long. The river's main use is as a water supply. The Nile has the Egyptians a gift the gift of hydration, Egypt would be a remote area without it. Crocodiles and hippos are the main animal inhabitant along with talapia and other fish. Wild weed often grow on the river banks.


Amongst the pyramids the Pyramids of Giza are the most famous. Some believe that the pyramids were build by aliens, other by the egyptians. They were build near the Nile river.

Daily Life

If a traveler was poor they would have to live off of the land, dirty water, and bitter grain. They were forced to do all farmwork. Children had to behave and stay with their parents.


If you were a traveler you'd probably recognize the pharaoh right away. Three famous Pharohs are King Tut, King Ramses III, and Cleopatra.