Describe the type of fishing you do. (fly-fishing, lake/pond)

I do lake/pond fishing. I do this because it is very relaxing being outside in the nature next to a lake/pond.

What equipment do you use-describe it?

I use the fishing to catch fish and i use the tackle box for if i lose something on my pole I have a replacement for it.

What are some fishing hotspots? Why do fish like thee special places?

Some hotspots are backside of Hammertown Lake, my uncle’s pond, and my neighbor’s pond. They like these places because its peaceful.

What rules do you have to follow where you fish? What is catch and release?

I have to follow no swimming and no running. The catch and release is when you catch a fish you have to throw it back in.

What can fishing teach us about nature?

Fishing can teach us about having patience and not to be loud. Also how to handle fish.