Grade One Room 130

What is happening for the month of September

Getting to know me!

This is my 28th year in education and I have loved teaching all these years. I may be experienced, but I am current in educational theories and technology. I am a continuous learner and I have completed a Master's of Education and I hold Specialist Qualifications for Integration of Information and Communications Technology Instruction, Special Education and Physical Education. My professional learning focus for this year is to improve the use of technology in the classroom. I feel your child needs to be able to create, communicate and collaborate using a variety of Web 2.o tools and applications.

On a personal note, I have two children, one is out on her own now (yeah), and the other attends Sir Wilfred Laurier majoring in Psychology and Sociology. My husband is a firefighter in Toronto.

Classroom Expectations

In Grade One the Board policy is 10 minutes of homework per night. The homework will always be 10 minutes of reading during the week and 10 minutes of reading and writing on the weekend. There might be more homework, if work is not completed in class. I believe that children need time to play after school as they have worked for 6 hours for me during the day.

I am also asking that you send in a pair of indoor running shoes that have non-marking soles. These shoes can also be used for Physical Education. Donations of tissues for all students to use would be greatly appreciated, as we do happen to share colds.

Each student has a star on the back of the classroom door. If he/she needs to go to the washroom or get a drink, he/she will take the star and put it on the window frame. They do not need to ask permission to go, but only one boy and one girl may leave the classroom at one time. If it is an emergency the students just need to let me know that they need to go to the washroom. Please discuss this with them as I do not want them to have accidents. I do remind them to go at recess and lunch, sometimes they forget as they get caught up in playing.

Here is a list of items your child needs to bring to school.
  • running shoes
  • refillable water bottle all year around
  • lunch
  • snack for recess

Donations to the classroom would be greatly appreciated.

  • Kleenex or tissue
  • plastic bread bag and milk bag tags
  • Lego

If your child is unable to attend school, please inform the office ASAP at 905 895 9466. If your child is late for school (arrives after the morning bell), please take your child to the office to sign in for a late slip.

In my Welcome to Grade One smore, I included a link to a survey about your child, in the format of a Google form. Thank you to those of you who have completed it. If you have not, please fill it out as it provides me with information I need to help to get to know your child and to keep him/her safe.

Calendar for September

September 2: 1st day of School
September 19: School Council Meeting

September 22: P.A. Day

September 29: Character Assembly

Sept. 29-Oct 3: Safety week

Classroom News

Classroom timetable

Days when other Teachers work with your child.

Day Two: Drama and Dance with Ms. Spring

Day Three: Health with Ms. Thomas

Day Four: Physical Education with Mr. Blaser and Music with Ms. Broughton

Day Five: Art with Mrs. Craig (do not wear good clothes this day) and Library (book exchange and Visible Thinking Routines) with Ms. Spring

The students can exchange books at the Library every morning from 8:00 to 8:30


Learning Target:
1. I am learning how to collect, sort and organize data.
2. I am learning to describe the likelihood that everyday events will happen
Learning Target:
1. I am learning how to use different fix up strategies when I read.
2. I am learning how to pick books that are just right for me.
3. I can make connections between a text and our own lives.
Learning Target:
1. I am learning to write complete sentences using a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, a period at the end of a sentence.
2. I am learning how to write a recount of a memory.
Learning Target:
1. I am learning about living things.
Social Studies
Learning Target:
1. I am learning about people's the roles, responsibilities and how relationships change over time and in different situations.
Learning Skills
1. I can follow classroom routines.
1. I can put my belongings away in an appropriate place.
1. I can try my best.
2. I can try new things.
Independent Work
1. I can follow the teachers' instructions.
1. I can share my thinking in class and small group discussions.
1. I can make good choices at school.

Why it is important for your child to read everynight!

Please click on the links below to learn more about how to help your child with reading.
Reading Strategies for Parents to use with their Children

Videos for learning how to count.

Counting By Twos Song
Counting By Fives Song
Counting By Tens Song
Counting Down From Twenty Song