By Laurie Halse Anderson

National Book Award Finalist

Title: Speak
Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
ISBN: 978-0-312-67439-7

Melinda Sordino's
is starting her freshman year off with a rough beginning. She is forced to become an outcast and is being ostracized by her friends and strangers because she had made a decision to call the cops to end a summer party. She is depressed and turning in on herself when we find out what really happened at the party. She is struggling with weather she should tell the truth or keep it. Find out what she does and how her life was changed forever on the night of that party.

Math Activity

Math Activity: Using the statistics given in the back of the book analyze them and compare them to the statistics you find from 2012. Share what you find. Were the statistics you found similar? Have the rates increased or decreased, and hypothesis as to why you think these changes have occurred.
Teacher’s example:
44% of rape victims are under age 18
Every 2 minutes someone is raped
54% of sexual assault isn’t reported
97% or rapists will never spend a day in jail
38% of rapists are acquaintances of the victim
The statistics I found were similar to those in the book. I found that there are more cases of rape per minute. I was surprised to find that still most of the rapists will not be caught or spend time in jail. I think the main cause of this is that no one is reporting because the attackers are acquaintances or people that the victims know. Maybe they are afraid to report or feel ashamed or embarrassed.

Writng Activity

Language Arts Activity: Write an article for your school newspaper on any issue related to Speak: date rape, teen-age parties, sexual harassment, alcohol abuse, cliques.

Directions and Rubric: Should be 1-2 pages in length, can be typed if needed. Needs to show thought and be written with correct formatting. Should involve an action plan to help solve the issue discussed.