Industrial Revolution

Mattison Watson

Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was a time period when people started using machines to do their work. It made work go by faster and it made more of that certain item. The Industrial Revolution was good to some but bad for most. The Industrial Revolution started in England and soon moved to Europe and America.

More About The Industrial Revolution

Life During The Industrial Revolution

Life during the revolution was hard and painful. Workers spent ten to fourteen hours in the factory and were paid a penny an hour maybe. The working conditions were bad. Kids five and up had to fix the machines while they were still on. Adults had to keep going and try not to think about the kid under the machine that with one little mess up they would ruin the kids life.

Invemtion In The Industrial Revolution

One invention in the revolution was the cotton gin. The inventor of the cotton gin was Eli Whitney. He invented it in 1793. The cotton gin is used to separate the cotton form the cotton seeds. The cotton gin made work go by so much quicker. Farmers made more money because they could sell more.

Child Labor

child Labor is when you use a child to do and adults job. Child labor was very popular during the revolution. Children lost their childhood in the factories.

Working Conditions

The working conditions were awful. There were diseases in the factories. The jobs were extremely dangerous and hard.