International Food Day

Bring a dish from your country to sell for charity


Raise money for charity by buying some delicious food made by teachers and students

International Food Day is coming up on 28th of March 2013. Last year at St Giles London Central teachers, students and staff cooked food (mainly cakes, cookies, etc...) and brought them in to be sold. It was a huge success raising almost £400 for charity.

This year, SF is getting involved and will run the same event on March 28th.

Generally, sweet stuff like cakes and cookies are great, but you can also bring in some savory stuff too. Cut things in advance into small enough portions for things that could easily be served on a napkin without the need for a plate or silverware.

If you would like to be involved in selling food on March 28th, please come to see Mike on 2nd floor, so we know how many of you can help.