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Welcome Mrs. Garner!

Jennifer Garner, one of Minarets High School’s newest teachers, is very excited for the upcoming year.

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Welcome Mr. Hileman!

As some of you know, Minarets has four new teachers in 2019, and we are very excited to have them all join the Mustang crew. One of the teachers joining us this year is Sean Hileman, one of our new math teachers who came here after he moved away from Paradise.

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Welcome Mr. Grimes!

This year, Minarets High is welcoming a new math teacher, Mr. Grimes. We are excited to welcome Mr. Grimes to the mustang family here at minarets.

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Welcome Mr. Land!

Everyday we pass familiar faces in the hallways or walking to class and it is very rare that we see somebody new on campus. We have been introduced to our long term sub and future English teacher, Michael Land.

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Ortiz is the Bee's Knees

Back to school is a very chaotic time of year. Teachers and administration rush around preparing for the year....for media teacher Juan Ortiz, this school year will be filled with new challenges.

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Mustang Volleyball v. YHS

Minarets High School has had a long rivalry with Yosemite High School and our volleyball team faced off against them on Thursday, August 22, 2019 at the YHS gym.

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Let the Games Begin: Volleyball

With the start of a new season, comes many expectations and goals. In an interview with Varsity Head Coach, Jessica Chacon, she shared a few of those goals.

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Take Control of Your Future: Join CSF

Throughout four chaotic years of high school, the ominous word ‘college’ is repeatedly thrown around. If students are unsure of how to ready themselves for life after Minarets, they need look no further than the California Scholarship Federation.

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Student Life

The Dirt on the Parking Lot

To increase school safety student parking has been moved to the dirt parking lot. Many questions have been raised about what the future of Minarets parking will look like.

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Students Dance Their Way into the New Year

Excitement was widespread as attendees waited for the doors to open, and the festivities to begin. It was time for the Last Splash, back to school dance.

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Professional Dress Mondays

At Minarets, we pride ourselves as being young professionals, and we do our best to look the part! Professional dress Mondays give students a chance to show off their professionalism.

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Life After High School

As students in high school, we are constantly told about how we need to “prepare for the future” and “get ready for the real world.

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