Vegetarian Diets

By : Tatyana Anthony

A Vegetarian Choice

A Vegetarian choice is person who chooses not to eat meat or fruits .

Example :

- Fruits

- Pork Chops

Sun Dried Tomatoes Muffins

They are for vegetarians that don't want to eat meats and fruits, anf thet taste really good .
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Health Benefits

1- plants foods such as fruits , vegetables , nuts , seeds are high in fiber and low in saturated fats and cholesterol .

2- They usually SEVEN years longer than the NON- Vegetarians

3: They have lower risk of heart diseases.

2 Ways it helps the Environment

1 . The land is better use to grow crops and grains and vegetables for the people who need it

2: Raising animals for food also creates an enormous amount of pollution in the of animals waste and gas .

3 Types of meat and Dairy substitutes

1. Firm Tofu with Soy beans

2. Tempeh is for the cake

3. Soy Milk and you can just grill them into little patties .

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5 Reasons why a person wants to become a Vegetarian

1- They might want to become one is because it give you better health and you can live longer .

2- They also might want to because they eat very healthy and it taste really good .

3. It will also save you money in their homes .

4- they will have to buy less grocery when they go to the store .

5- they will able to stay in shape .


1. Zinc

2. Calcium

3. Iron

4. Vitamins B and D

5. Proteins

Pescatarian diets

Recipes :

1 Cup of fish and noodles .