By Catherine, Len, Joey, and Emily

The Conflict

How did it begin?

Conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea took place in the horn of Africa. The war officially began when Eritrea broke the law and invaded Ethiopia. Eritrea invaded because Ethiopia banned the use of Eritrea's major language, Tigrinya. The war took place from 1961-1991, and was in the form of open violence.

Where did it take place?

The conflict took place in Ethiopia and Eritrea, but also largely affected Sudan because of the large number refugees that fled there, 665,000 in total, most of which went to Port Sudan, a port city along the Red Sea. Later, there were disputes caused by argument over where the border between the two countries officially was. Ethiopia beat Eritrea in 2000, claiming the disputed areas.

Who was affected?

The Eritrean refugees that fled to Sudan as an affect of losing their homes to the war altered the population and cultural diversity of Sudan. They introduced people in Sudan to a very different cultural background. The soldiers had to leave their homes to fight, and many didn't return, causing grief among families. Families not involved with the fighting suffered from lack of food rations and supplies.
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This map shows the conflict and border disputes

How has this conflict manifested?

This conflict has manifested through the movement of enemy troops, in the opposite country. It also has manifested through the displacement of civilians in different countries, such as sudan.


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