Steven Moffat steals the show

moffat may be more-fat than we thought


Despite the clever puns this article is no laughing matter, well-known writer Steven Moffat has been accused of stealing pictures, plotlines and poodles. He's becoming greedy with his ideas.

Earlier this week a young man (around that age of 16) came to the police claiming that his black notebook had been stolen. The police brushed it off at first but the youth was very persistent. Eventually the police decided to check out what had happened only to find the book in the park where the boy had last had it. He was scolded and sent home with a warning but that wasn't the end.

The young boy (Alex Dorn) told us his side of the story: "I dabble in photography and I find it interesting to try and write stories using only inspiration from the pictures I take. I keep them all in my journal just so they don't get lost and I grew so attached to it that I began to take it with me wherever I went. I was in the park and I had just finished taking some pictures of the autumn leaves when a young boy approached me and asked me to help him find his Draco Malfoy figurine. I agreed and, thinking I wouldn't be too long, I left my bag and book on the bench. I admit it was my fault that my book was stolen seeing as I was so careless but you would think humans are decent enough not to go round stealing things. Anyway, when I got back to the bench my journal was gone, I searched everywhere but there was no evidence as to where it might be!"

Alex seems like a good lad and we had no reason not to believe him and so I offered to do a little more digging. I got nowhere with my research so after a long day of sleuthing I went home and decided to take a break. Whilst mindlessly scrolling through Tumblr I saw something that caught my eye. A picture had been posted by Steven Moffat, it was of the leaves in the park that Alex claims he was in. I rung him up and asked him about the picture," That's mine!" he exclaimed at once and I knew something fishy was going on.

I arranged to meet Alex in the same park the next day and we brought the police with us, I had decided to go undercover and I didn't tell them I was a reporter. Almost immediately we spotted the book on the bench where he had left it. We rushed over and Alex inspected it to see if it was real. He flicked through and I spotted the picture I had seen online. This was getting weird. I decided to do a little more research and invited Alex to have a coffee with me.

I opened up my laptop and I saw an alert in the corner about a news update. I clicked on it and the BBC page opened up. There on the front page and a picture of Steven Moffat and the caption "His best idea yet" I scrolled down further but was stopped dead when I saw Alex's picture pasted at the bottom. I called him up and told him to take a look.

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The end

After confronting Steven about the photo he admitted to stealing Alex's book and his trail date is to be confirmed. Alex has decided to watermark his photos and get them copyrighted.

To finish off my report I'm going to tell you about copyright and what it actually is.


If you have copyrighted your work it means that you have legal authority to sell it to people for money. Also, it means that if someone steals your work you can ask them to take it down and if they still refuse you're allowed to take things to court because you own whatever you copyrighted.

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