SAT and PSAT Prep in San Diego

Athene Academics

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We offer PSAT and SAT tutoring from highly qualified tutors!

PSAT and SAT scores are important. PSAT scores help determine National Merit Scholars, as well as making students eligible for prestigious programs, and SAT scores are part of the college admissions package. Making the top tier isn't too difficult here, but preparation is key. Here at Athene Academics, we offer SAT tutoring from students whose preparation shows in their perfect scores.

What we offer:

Private and group tutoring at affordable rates.

A five-week prep program, with two hours of private tutoring per week, for the October or November SAT, and a similar program for the October PSAT.

A nine-week prep program for the 2013 November SAT, with two hours of one-on-one tutoring per week.