Soccer for Everyone

What is soccer?

Millions of children around the world play soccer and love it. Soccer players use specialized equipment, and they are knowledgeable about rules and positions. Every serious soccer player knows that training, practice, and techniques are what makes you a better player. Millions of children can’t be wrong. Soccer must be a fun sport.

Get to know the equipment

First of all, several pieces of equipment are essential to the game. All soccer players must wear shin guards. You will not even be allowed on the field without them. Shin guards are worn on the lower leg for protection from kicks and hard hits with the ball. The only problem is that they stink like a wet skunk. Long socks are worn over the shin guards, and soccer cleats complete the leg and foot wear. You can’t do much without a soccer ball. The soccer ball traditionally has a pattern of hexagons. In bygone days they were black and white, but today soccer balls come in a profusion of colors and designs.

Where do I go? What do I do?

Of course, you need to be knowledgeable about the player positions. The positions are fairly easy to keep straight. There are forwards that move the ball across the field and ideally score goals by kicking it into the opponents net. There are defenders that hang back and try to keep the opposing team from scoring. There are also mid-fielders that play back and forth depending on how events are proceeding in the game. Then there’s the goalie. The goalie needs to be a tough player with amazing reflexes. The ball gets kicked at him a million times in a game. It is the goalie’s job to block the ball often with spectacular diving saves.

Rules, rules, rules

Most importantly, soccer players need to be familiar with the game rules. One basic rule is that players can not touch the ball with their hands. Only the goalies get this special privilege. The off-sides penalty rule prevents the opposing team’s players from stalking the goal. The attacking player is not allowed to receive the ball behind the last defender. Sportman like behavior is key in all sports. Afoul can be called if a player trips, shoves, or intentionally injures another player.

Practice makes perfect

There is no doubt, that soccer requires practice, training, and techniques. A great deal of practice time is spent learning how to correctly pass a ball. It is best to use the inside of your foot to pass the ball. Shooting the ball is essential to scoring. Point the toe and lock the ankle of your foot when shooting the ball at the goal. Soccer requires an enormous amount of stamina as players often run up to 7 miles in a game.

In the end

To sum it all up, soccer is an engaging, fast-paced sport. It is important to have proper equipment for playing the game safely. Train for soccer by practicing plays and techniques. Learn the rules of the game to be an asset to the team. I have never played soccer but I have been a soccer mom for thirteen years. Millions of kids can’t be wrong. Soccer is a blast!