Rotational Motion



  • understand the moment of inertia (rotational inertia) of an object or system depends upon the distribution of mass within the objects or system
  • Determine the angular acceleration of an object when an external torque or force is applied
  • Some items in the notes and chapter reading will be tested over, but will not be covered or discussed in class in order to increase your study habits.
AP Physics 1 - Rotational Dynamics
In the below notes, only take the notes, we will cover the examples at a later time.
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Chapter Torque

Introduction to Torque

Angular Momentum

View and take notes over angular momentum..
Angular Momentum Definition and Examples | Doc Physics

Center Mass

View the videos over center mass and be able to explain the concept of center mass.
Center of Mass
AP Physics 1 - Center of Mass

Rotational Motion & circular chapter

Please read and work through some practice problems at your own pace, this is from my AP Review Book.