Helping Puppies Mills

By Jeremy truong and Isaac Dixon

Puppy mills are great!!

Puppy mills gives the dogs family's and family's are cute and loving dog. There has been growing concerns for the safety and health at puppies mills. Puppy mills workers work hard to provide the best care for the puppies there. Puppy mills loves to creating happy and loving family's for dogs. Puppy mills are sadly unable to provide the best health and services to the dogs there due to the rising numbers of births of the puppies.

Helping puppies by eatting puppies!!

The situation to the over crowed puppy mills is to turn the excess puppies into a nutritional food. With this the puppy mills would be less crowed and will cause less stress for puppy mills employees. Thanks to that, health standards and safety of the desired puppies would increase. Having to turn the puppies into nutritional food, puppy mills would make more money to provide better shelter for the puppies. With this, it is easier to document "puppies in the puppy mills",

Distribution of puppies meat

With 10,000 puppy mills in the U.S will vast amount of places of distribution of the puppy food product. Out of over 2millon puppies sold, 69% of them would be made into the nutritional puppy food, and the rest would be sold into stores. Animal rights groups will be overjoyed to help us with this project for the betterment of the puppy mills due to this project. The animal protection groups will help document and prepare the necessary few puppies for the preparations in becoming food which will help us regulate all puppies that come through puppy mills. We will be bringing the puppy food to local delis and markets to sell using the same trucks that drop off puppies at stores.

Puppies are delicious!!

The Americans are great consumers and eaters so this new product will land right on their plates. With the puppy food there will be more food in the U.S. allowing starvation statics in the U.S. to go down. The sell and distribution of this new product will also be a good factor in improving the economy. Also thanks to this plan the animal rights groups will have more time and resources to focus onto other projects as the puppy mill problems will be solved. The puppy mills health and safety will increase thanks to the then adequate amount of puppies for the mills. There will even be a healthy dog blend for healthy dogs as it will give those canines a great source of protein.

Other ways of helping puppies

We give this plan that because other methods of helping puppies have fallen on some deaf ears. Having mandatory inspections for licensed puppy mills should be mandatory and having unlicensed Puppy mills shut down. All states having regulations regarding puppy mills because right now there is close to half the states that don't have any laws that regulate puppy mills. Instead of buying puppies and dogs from stores adopt puppies to decrease the demand of puppies. Having states give animal protection agencies money to better find strays clean them and have them ready for adoption. These are just some small suggestions from overreacting people on puppy mills.

Puppy mill saves the day

Having puppies as a nutritional food, will help improve safety at puppy mills. This purposal will lower the 3 million puppies euthanize. Also the high protein and low-fat puppy food will help fight obesity. This low cost food would help feed the hunger. Also the sad dog Ad will become fewer and fewer making the public feel better about society. In conclusion, we've shown that our purposal is beneficial to pill mills and the United States.