Mrs. G's Classroom News

February 12, 2016

Classroom Management

I have to be honest, my daughter and I did wear our PJs inside-out and flushed ice cubes down the toilet twice this week in hopes of a snow-day! A day off in the middle of the week would have been glorious! Having a four day week next week due to our mid-winter break starting on February 19th will be exactly what I need!

Tuesday is our field trip to downtown Lansing. We are going to have a blast! I have almost received all permission slips, donations and tech permission slips needed to leave. Please check your child's agenda for a special note from me if your child is missing something! Thank you! Your child needs to dress appropriately for the weather. If the weather permits we will walk a few blocks from the Capitol building to the Historical Museum. Also, please make sure your student has a packed, completely disposable lunch to have on that day. If you ordered through the school cafeteria you are all set. Your child may want to bring a granola bar or something small to eat on the bus for a snack. I will be Tweeting photos and comments about our amazing journey throughout the day, so if you are not chaperoning check Twitter!

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Writing Workshop

We have completed our personal essays. A booklet is coming home at the beginning of next week of all students' personal essays so you can see what these great writing pieces entailed. We color coded our writing to show where we included an introduction, thesis statement, parallel structures, angled mini-stories and a conclusion. They turned out wonderful and we are excited to move onto our next unit next week after our trip.

Reading Workshop

This week we worked on close reading non-fiction and narrative non-fiction text that went with our social studies lessons. We learned that close readers reread, circle words they do not know and try to find the meaning, highlight or underline key words or phrases to help with their comprehension, use evidence from the text to answer questions and meet with partners to further our understanding through discussion.

Word Work

Students worked on Unit 16 this week. I let the students help me choose the activities they can participate in through We talked about the "tough" group of spelling words - words that have ou and don't follow the normal rules so we have to memorize them. We also did more suffix work whole group and individual depending on student need.


We are cruising right along with unit 6 in math. I love geometry. I also love that this curriculum really does provide the students with hands on activities to explore geometry concepts. We have been making clockwise and counterclockwise turns with our bodies in the classroom and have used straws and twist ties to create angles and triangles. has skill practice for all the concepts introduced in class. I strongly recommend that students practice these at home as well!
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Social Studies

We learned about the Underground Railroad, Civil War, how Michigan became a State, why we need government and the three branches of government this week. Wow! I am really trying to pack it in before our field-trip so they really can have a lot to relate to while they are experiencing this great authentic learning experience! We built Origami Capitol Buildings that turned out really neat. They will be displayed on the bulletin board outside my classroom!
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