Madagascar Movie Series Analysis

Cary Bell

Madagascar Movie Series

There is a zoo in New York city called "The Central Park".There is a lion called Alex a zebra namedMarty,& Gloriathe hippo.They go on a bunch of adventures around the zoo,and they meet a knew friend named Julian a lemur.They also have friends...the Penguins that they think they are detective and have all these gadgets.

A New Movie: The Penguins

Since Madagascar got so popular they made a movie just for the Penguins.They made movie called the "Penguins".

Summary Analysis

Madagascar Movie 1 was the most successful because they have the earning.Madagascar Movie 3 was least successful because they had the least amount of viewers and their budget was the highest.With all the movies combined the total money made was $1,227,219,646.I am curious about the creators if they will make more movies.The pattern I found was all the total amount were in the millions place.The earning changed over time by the most recent movie have less money earned then from the old.
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