Scholarship and Learning

By: Elijah Brant & Kendall Reed

The Islamic culture highly valued scholarship and learning. Early Muslim thinkers believed that Muhammad himself said that ¨the ink of scholars is more precious than the blood of martyrs.¨ The early Muslims also contributed to scholarship and learning by building the House of Wisdom in 830 and also the Hall of Wisdom in the 10th century.
The House of Wisdom was built by Caliph al-Ma'mun in Baghdad, Iraq in the year 830. The House of Wisdom was built for scholars from all over the world to come and translate and interpret books and volumes from all over the world. The Hall of Wisdom was built in Cairo, Egypt during the 10th century. The Hall of Wisdom was built so that scholars and ordinary people could read and enjoy books that traders brought from all over the world.
These amazing contributions to scholarship and learning still impact people today. Both places of wisdom still provide people with knowledge not only about the present but also about the past. The countless books and volumes in these places allow ordinary people lie you and me to learn amazing things.