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Everything is Possible - Expanding Student Expectations

The Everything is Possible mindset teaches that we are all capable of living extraordinary lives. Students learn that everything which exists today was once just an idea until someone believed it was possible and took the actions to make it into reality. This is true with our lives as well – they become, in many ways, whatever we expect them to be.

Top 5 Dos and Don’ts at Home:

1) Don’t be a dream snatcher. The fact that kids are dreaming is what’s important, not the content of their dreams. Resist the urge to give your children reality checks, no matter what their dreams are. Dreams are precious, and they represent the hopes and expectations we have for our lives. Every dream and positive vision of the future that your children have should be encouraged. Their dreams will inevitably change, but what matters is that they’re dreaming and believing. Constantly push your children to dream bigger, and never be the doubter or pessimist.

2) Do celebrate and support innovation and creativity in the home. Whether it’s through crafts, play or games, seek opportunities for your children to tap into their imaginations and creative capacity. One major concern with access to technology and devices is our children’s inability to get bored. Boredom has long been the source of innovation and creativity. Create more space in your child’s life and push them to innovate and create. The capacity to use boredom to their advantage will benefit them for the rest of their life.

3) Do model self-compassion. We are so hard on ourselves. It is very important to recognize that our children will observe our tendencies, how we talk to ourselves and unfortunately how unfairly critical of ourselves we can often be. Work on how you view your own efforts, challenges and successes, and consider the self-image you’re modeling for your children. Don’t forget that they really are more likely to do as we do, rather than as we say.

4) Don’t foster perfectionism. Perfectionism is a primary cause of anxiety, locking us up and preventing us from taking action due to fear of failure. This is most prevalent in young people living in a world of reality TV and sensationalism. More than ever, they must understand they are human and that mistakes are a healthy part of learning and growing up happy and successful. Let them do their own work, let them make mistakes and let them learn to grow through adversity while they are under your roof.

5) Do celebrate risk taking and failure. One great practice at the dinner table is to ask your child what they “failed at that day” or what didn’t go very well. Rather than focusing on the mistake or loss, ask them to consider how they can grow from it, what they learned, what new skill could be developed, what relationship would be created or expanded, etc. Congratulate them for trying, and point out that the people who succeed are those who take risks and fail, so your kids are in good company and on their way.

Activities to Do with Your Child

1) Personal Mission Statement – link

2) Defining My Why – link

3) My Dream Statements – link

4) Overcoming My Challenges – link

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October, 2018

Monday, 22nd - Picture Retakes

Tuesday, 23rd - ExCEL Begins (T/W) end May 1st

Thursday 25th - Hearing and Vision Screening

Thrusday 25th - Book Fair (TBD)

November, 2018

Friday , 2nd - No School

Tuesday, 6th - Election Day - no evening activities

Thursday, 8th - K-5 Parent-Teacher Conferences; 3:30-8:30

Tuesday, 13th - 2 Hour Late Start

Tuesday, 13th - K-5 Parent-Teacher Conferences; 3:30-8:00

Thursday, 15th - K-5 Parent-Teacher Conferences; 3:30-8:00

Tues.- Fri. 20-23 - No School

Tuesday, 28th Guthrie Theater - Grade 5


Homework helpers is a free program offering homework and academic assistance to K-12 students. We specialize in K-3 reading assistance, 5-12 math and science and K-12 English, Social Studies and History.

We meet Monday-Thursday 4-9pm and Saturdays and Sundays 12-4pm with weekends starting in October.

We can be found in the lower level Educational Resource Center (ERC) in the Memorial library on the Minnesota State University, Mankato Campus.

The College of Education is responsible for the organization of this program using work study and student volunteers. MSU students are program supervisors and tutors.

Please don't miss out on this opportunity for students to get extra help. If you have any questions please contact Dr. Mymique Baxter at mymique.baxter@mnsu.edu or her graduate assistant Joshua Lawson at Joshua.lawson@mnsu.edu

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