Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

August 23, 2013

Don't delete this newsletter

Hello Tustumena Families,

This newsletter is full of important information and links so please keep it in your "save" folder. You will find information about emergency situations, volunteering, student/parent handbooks, and even our AHERA school management plan (asbestos report). We are sending all these mandatory reports electronically for the first time this year. I think we just saved two trees.

We had an amazing start this year. The kids were all ready to go, teachers were ready, and even the principal could hardly wait to get school going again. In a month or so, I will send out information about our school improvement plan but the short story is we were rated by the state as a "4 Star" school missing the "5 Star" by only a small percentage. One of the areas that will raise our rating is attendance. It does not matter if the absences are excused, we still must reach the goal of 90% of our students having a 96% attendance rate in order to receive all the points for the attendance category.

Our PTO is already planning events like the Carnival, Turkey Bingo, and Cash Raffle. If you can help out at the events or want to just be in on the planning please plan on attending the general PTO meetings. They occur the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 4pm.

We are continuing work on the School Yard Habitat project as well. If you are interested in seeing what the next steps are or interested in helping out with our project, please attend our first meeting August 28th at 4pm in Mrs. Bosick's room.

So much more to write about, but I will save some for next week.

Thank you for being part of the Tustumena Community.


Doug Hayman

Required information

AHERA School Management Plans


TO: All Parents/Guardians/Students

FROM: Dave Tressler, Director

Planning and Operations

DATE: Fall 2013

SUBJECT: AHERA School Management Plans

As mandated by Federal Regulation 40 CFR PART 763, known as the AHERA Act (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act), local educational agencies are to notify parents/guardians/students in writing about the existence and location of AHERA School Management Plans for individual school buildings. Also required by regulation is the notification of all related asbestos activities which have occurred during the previous year.

Currently, all AHERA School Management Plans are located at the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District’s Operations office and the Kenai Peninsula Borough Maintenance office. Each school’s administrative office maintains a copy of its individual School Management Plan. Plans may be inspected at any of these sites.

Below is an update of asbestos activities:

Yes- a. XXXXXXX Your school, Tustumena Elementary School, has been inspected and there have been no areas of asbestos containing building materials (ACBM) found.

If you should have any questions concerning the AHERA School Management Plans or asbestos related activities, as the designated Local Education Agency’s Asbestos Coordinator, I can be contacted at the School District’s Planning and Operations office or phone (907) 714-8875.

PS 8/12/04

We need everyone's current physical address

August 23, 2013

Dear Parents:

To assist the school in planning for possible critical incidents and in evaluating our bus transportation routes, it is vitally important for the school to have your physical address in addition to your mailing address. If you have not provided a physical address to the school or your physical address has changed, please assist us in updating our school records by calling the school office at 260-1345 or by mail to:

Tustumena Elementary School

PO Box 749

Kasilof, AK 99610

Your assistance is appreciated.


Doug Hayman


In Case of an Emergency

Dear Parents:

Should an emergency situation ever arise in our area while school is in session, we want you to be aware that schools have made preparations to respond effectively. Should we have a major earthquake or other emergency during school hours, your child will be cared for at school. Training in emergency action procedures is mandatory for all school personnel.

Your cooperation is essential. Please post the following information to be referred to in the event of an emergency:

1. Do not telephone the school. Telephone lines may be needed for emergency communication.

2. Emergency contact information for your child(ren) is critical. In the event of an emergency, students will be kept at their schools until they are picked up by an adult listed on their Student Registration Form. It is imperative that this form be kept current. Please consider the following criteria when authorizing another person to pick up your child(ren):

· They must be at least 18 years of age

· They are usually home during the day

· They could walk to school if necessary

· They are known to your child(ren)

· They are both aware and able to assume this responsibility

3. It is important the sign-out process be followed. We want to avoid sending emergency responders into a dangerous situation when a student might have just left without checking out.

4. Turn your radio to KPEN 102.3 FM, KWAVE 104.9 AM, KSRM 920 AM, KBBI 890 AM or KDLL 91.9 FM for emergency announcements.

In the event of a major emergency, your district schools will need the assistance of community members. Supplies will be needed to provide for the children, and volunteers will be needed to assist with clean-up and the care and shelter of the children until they are picked up by a designated family member or friend. We would encourage you to consider the possibility of serving as an emergency volunteer. If you are interested, please contact you child(ren)’s school. Thank you in advance for your support.


Doug Hayman, Principal

Tustumena School

Boys and Girls Club News

The Boys & Girls Club early morning option is off to a great start! Welcome new clubbers: Isabella, Kaitlyn, Austin, Victoria, Natalie, Gwennie and Dana. BGC is here with supervised activities every school morning from 7:30am until the morning bell and again from after school until 6:00pm for kids grades K-6th. Registration and information can be found in the school lobby or by contacting Unit Director Michele Hayman: 907-598-8120 or mhayman@positiveplaceforkids.com

Michele Hayman
Boys & Girls Clubs of the Kenai Peninsula
Kasilof Unit Director
(907) 598-8120