Twilight Camp 2015

Day 1 Recap

Webelos Den F-16 Falcon

We made it through Day 1, rain and all! The boys had a great first day. Here is a recap of what they completed yesterday. Too bad there is no more swimming belt loop! I think we may have earned that yesterday.

See you all this afternoon for Day 2!

Rotation 1 - BB Guns

Unfortunately, this was the session that got rained out. They were able to get some time in to shoot BB Guns, but it was only about 5 minutes of actual shooting time. We will probably get a second round later in the week. Fingers crossed!
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Rotation 2 - Cyberchip

The boys earned their Cyberchip which is a new requirement for all Cub Scouts this year. It is a program geared towards teaching them to be safe on the internet. They learned about making safe passwords, not keeping "internet" secrets from their parents, and knowing it's okay to tell a trusted adult. They also played a few games to reinforce the fact that you shouldn't trust people on the internet that offer you money.
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ROTATION 3 - Lunch and Trading Post

This was a popular rotation for obvious reasons. The boys all were excited to go to the trading post. Just FYI, most boys chose candy to purchase. If you do not want your scout to eat candy, please send me an email or text letting me know. I did insist that boys that bought multiple pieces of candy only eat one piece and take the rest home.
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Rotation 4 - Cooking

The boys had fun cooking pizzas in dutch ovens. They also talked about kitchen safety. I was surprised how many boys knew not to cut raw meat and vegetables on the same cutting surface.
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rotation 5 - walking stick

The boys made a walking stick. The stick also has the ability to serve as a fishing pole. The sticks were decorated with tape (various colors representing which level cub scout they've achieved), a bandanna, and fishing line and gear. The boys will make a leather hand wrap on Thursday and will take the sticks home that day.

Webelos Homework

I gave each of the Webelos scouts a sheet to complete this week. This will go towards their Webelos adventure requirements. They are requested to do the following:

How I Lived "OFF GRID" This Week:

Write the ways in which you lived "off grid" this week. Examples can include choosing to read a book instead of watching TV, or playing outside instead of on your Nintendo DS.

I do not need to get this paper back from the scouts. Instead, they will turn this into their actual pack Den Leader when it is complete.

Important Telephone Numbers

Twilight Camp Director:

Graeme Payne (404) 429-7512


Assistant Directors:

Jaime Holbert (404) 375-8519

Don DeHaven (404) 822-6564

Den Guide:

Mandy Nicolosi 404-493-2352 (cell) – Call or Text

Den Chief:

Caleb Sabino



Don't forget to bring non-perishable food for donation to North Fulton Community Charities.
Scout Daily Check List

Click on this button to print out the Scout Daily Checklist. Have your scout review this list each day to make sure they have all they need for camp.

Contact Me - Mandy Nicolosi

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