Foundational Skills Newsletter

Eden Prairie Schools

What are Foundational Skills?

Foundational skills center on systematic instruction in word solving strategies, word study, vocabulary, and fluency at a learner’s instructional level. These skills teach learners to examine words and study patterns of the English language.

Foundational skills foster students’ understanding and working knowledge of the conventions of written text in order to develop automaticity with print and the skills of decoding and encoding, with the ultimate goal of making meaning of written language.

The Purpose for Foundational Skills

Foundational Skills of literacy enable students to independently read and use written language to learn about the world and themselves; experience extraordinary and diverse works of literary fiction and informational text; and share their knowledge, ideas, stories and perspectives with others.

Elements of Foundational Skills

Early Literacy Concepts

Phonological Awareness


Word Meaning and Vocabulary

Word Structure

Word Solving Actions

Explicit Vocabulary Teaching Strategies

Idea Behind Foundational Skills...

The idea is to keep instruction of the foundational skills brief, meaningful, engaging and in the context of reading ‘authentic’ texts.