Save the wetlands

By Nathan Penn

Some Wet Land animals

Wet Land Habitats

The Wet Land's are habitats for frog's , turtle's , crocodile's and lizards

What can people do to help the wetlands

You can enter a public program to help the wetlands

Why Are Wetlands Important?

If there where no Wet Lands the water wold have no place to go so it would go to the town and make a flood. You mite think Wet Lands are gross but they actually help us. They stop floods and they are habitats for animals. Wetlands act like sponges by holding flood water.

A picture of a wet land at night. Is in't it beautiful

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Facts About Wetlands

To be called a Wet Land the Wet Land an area of the Wet Land must be wet or filled with water. Did you know in Idaho 29 species of rare animals life depends on wetlands? 21% of Alberta is filled with wet lands did you know the American bull frog can jump to 3-6 feet. did you know a single beaver can cut down to 200 tree's in a year.
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