The Third Planet From the Sun

Adventure Is Out There, Come to Earth!

So you're thinking about vacationing on Earth? Well that's a great idea! With Earth's diverse weather, land, and population, there is something for everyone. Skiing on snowy mountains, tanning on exotic beaches, and hiking in dense forests are just some of the activities travellers can enjoy. Just remember, Adventure Is Out There, Come to Earth!

Little Bit About Earth

With one moon, Earth is home to 7 billion people and is a great place to vacation. The planet has a diameter of 7918 miles, and a surface area of 196.9 million mi^2. Interesting fact, 71% of the Earth is covered in water. The oceans on Earth are filled with strange and wonderful organisms from dolphins and fish to miles of coral.
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Just the Facts...

  • Earth has 4 seasons, summer, fall, winter, and spring. They are caused by the 23.5 degree tilt of Earth's axis.
  • The Earth makes one revolution a year (356 days) and one rotation a day (24 hours).
  • The energy on Earth comes from nuclear fusion from the sun.
  • All of the planets in the solar system are spherical because of the force of gravity Earth exerts.
  • A light year is how fast light travels in one year (around 6 trillion miles), and the Earth is 4.22 light years away from the sun.
  • It is said that a supernova created the solar system Earth "lives" in.

Don't Forget!

While on vacation on Earth, remember to pack a variety of outfits and accessories depending on where exactly you're staying. On the beach? Sunglasses and a bathing suit. Snowboarding in Colorado? Snow pants and goggles. Every part of the Earth is known for something different be it sports, mountain climbing, or shopping. Remember to do your research and pack with preparedness in mind!