Year Round Schools?!

By: Siena Wand

Whats the Problem?

In 2004, almost 2.3 million children switched to year-round schooling. Is it positive or negative? What are the pro's and the con's? Well lets find out.

My Perspective

My opinion on year-round schooling truthfully is not very good. I mean I understand, everyone wants to be smarter and get good grades and blah blah blah, but who wants to never have a break? Kids still need to have a life and get out there and be courageous! Every brain needs a break and if we didn't have summer vacation, kids don't have anything to look forward to. But once again, that's just my opinion, lets look at a couple other points of view.

Points of View!

Gabriel Ekwall says "No child wants to go to school for 12 whole months! I mean you never break and we need time to express ourselves for at LEAST three months! Does anyone actually want to sit in school year round? Cause I surely don't"

Pros and Cons

This point of view by Parents of Scholastic News "Kids who attend year-round schools, have school for about 9 weeks and then take a 2-4 weeks off. So really, if you count its even more time, just not all in a row. Some educators say that having school year round keeps the students brains going without disturbance, but kids obviously disagree. Children believe that giving your brain a break helps and just taking some time off is better. Also, year round schooling is certainly not for everyone."

What's Your Opinion?

So now that you have heard Gabe, Parents of Scholastic News, and I's opinions, how do you feel? But from my perspective, I believe that a life with year round schooling is like a life without ice cream, and trust me, I WOULD HATE A LIFE WITHOUT ICE CREAM.