November Recognition and News!!!

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Bear with me this is a long one… I am quite emotional as I sit and type the special email to you! In November we made history! Every single one of you whether you sold one bracelet or went on to sell $5000 or £5000 in jewellery you made magic happen! We as a team of 80+ stylists in November went on to promote to a director team being one of only 15 in all of Europe! Do you realise what a big deal this was? If I have to be honest I did not think it was going to happen! It happened because Jessica Herrin, Christy Goodman and others had belief in me and we had belief together that this team was going to go to the outer galaxy!

This was an incredible effort and the first time that I actually saw a whole team of women working together to make magic happen! This could not have been done with one or two or even three full-time stylist this was a promotion for all of us…. We collectively sold £48,800 of jewellery, 6 promotions, 100+ trunkshows, 10 new stylists WOW WOW WOW!!!

I hope in the coming months because we now have access to certain information that we didn't have before --your businesses, your dreams, your teams, your sales will directly be affected and supported by more information, more head office support and more joy in making this dream a reality for each and every one of us! I will never forget the last week in November as the final countdown was happening daily minute our weekly updates we were all there we all made this happen. You are an incredible group of bold beautiful women, in Germany, France, UK and USA ... that I have the pleasure to partner with on this incredible journey! 2015 will be an very special and interesting year for you and all of your dreams!

As we wrap up one of the best selling months of the year I encourage you to go out there share your sparkle share your jewels open up your offices, your homes, pop by your local nail bar...to have that last-minute pop-up shop. Now is the time to make your pay cheque the largest you can to pay off your holiday extras!

On Wednesday night I look forward to celebrating with all of those who can make the holiday party in Battersea Park we have loads of celebrating to do! There are 3 tickets left ... Let me know if you can make it last minute!

For those of you who we will miss we hope to see you on 5 January at the spring rally. I will write more before the holidays but best of luck sharing the joy creating the holiday excitement and spending time with your loved ones!

With much love and friendship! Katherine xx

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Congrats to these BOLD ladies for taking that leap of faith and starting their Stella & Dot businesses in November & December. We're so excited to have you as part of our Stella & Dot Team and cant wait to watch you soar!!

Annika Pipkorn

Lauren Lovett

Lesley Black

Octavia Bray

Priya Sriskantharajah

Daleen Eloff

Justyna Gorajala

Margaret Galbraith

Mary Lee

Sharon Taylor

Wendy Samuels

Hannah Travethan


December is the last month in the quarter for you to unlock your spring sample coupon... Sell 250 PQV about £210 over Oct, Nov Dec =50% off next month on your jewels...Sell 2000 PQV about £1700 over Oct, Nov Dec = £375 for £75 coupon. Now you can keep refreshing your samples without having out of pocket expense! :) Go to your report page under monthly rewards tab and see how much you have left to go!! Totally worth it!!!
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CONGRATULATIONS FOR QUALIFYING IN NOVMBER!!! And earning your business supplies

Emma Oliver

Diane Hallam

Anna Richards

Daisy Smith

Annika Pipkorn

Amanda Evans

Mary Lee

Victoria Hardingham

Sarah Tompkins

Jennifer Richmond

Jennifer Middleton

Karen Flannery

Felicia Efole

Lauren Lovett

Chelsea Mulhane

Hannah Travethan

Helen Gibbins

Kimberly Goad

Stephanie de Chalus

Sharon Goldstone

LIsa-Kellie Barrasford


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All welcome to join us for a glass of wine, new collection and training....

Great place to be the first week of January to get your 2015 started with a bang and a look at the new collection! There will be gifts for prospectives, new collection styling, viewing, training and Kudos! ***Top tip to get ladies to the meeting as there will be a sign up special most likely! New Year NEw You! ***


Huge Congrats to these lovelies for stretching to reach their goal...soooo close to the next level go get your goal by 31t December!!! Good Luck!!!

Katherine Shiatis Associate Director & Founding Stylist

SO grateful for all you do ....whether you sell one bracelet or 100's we are very honoured to have you on our team and spread the joy and bling! Please do reach out to if we can help you in anyway and join our DIVINE ROCKS FB group for daily inspiration and fun. x https://www.facebook.com/groups/126418354168029/