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April 20, 2018

The Secret of Dreaming

Another production is in the books! Lower Elementary students have been studying Australia in Cultural Studies. This year Ms. Moorhead, Mrs. Harvey and Mrs. Nickles teamed together to bring the poem The Secret of Dreaming to life. It is an Australian Aboriginal Myth of Creation.

In true Montessori fashion, many disciplines, grade levels and students came together to put on this production. Lower Elementary students worked with Mrs. Maynard in art to develop the back drops and make their own animal costumes. Mrs. Nickles brought this Australian Myth to life through movement and song. She also incorporated the 8th grade students in creating different rhythmic sounds for the animals. The 8th graders have been working on interpretive rhythms in their music class. Lower Elementary students also worked with Mrs. Ponder in fibers to create tucker bags, traditional bags used for food storage in the Australian Outback. They designed, painted and sewed the bags in their rotations. Finally, Ms. Molly pulled out her ukulele with a Middle School student and wrapped up a fully inclusive program.

Please enjoy the video below of the dress rehearsal.

“The Secret of Dreaming.” Poulter, Jim and illustrated by Mark Smith. The Secret of Dreaming: The Story of Why the Land is Sacred and Why Man Must Be its Caretaker. Templestowe: Victoria: Red Hen, ©1988.

Lower El Play
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Primary Roots

In a Montessori classroom, lessons are given starting with a concrete lesson using materials and then gradually moving towards abstract lessons when a child is ready. When looking at that model in the classroom, you can look at our Primary program as the concrete roots of the Montessori Method. So much of what is done on a daily basis in Primary sets the tone for what comes in later years in our program.

There is true magic in the observation of a Primary classroom. The ebb and flow with which a lead teacher works with the assistant is seamless. Students show care of their environment by respecting the materials in the classroom. They demonstrate the completion of a work cycle when they lay out their mat, take a work from the shelf, complete their work and then return the work to its proper place. Logical and natural consequences are given to students when there is an inappropriate behavior. Grace and courtesy are the foundations in the classroom and set the tone for everything that occurs. Students learn to respect each other's work time and space.

Our Primary program truly sets the foundation for the later years of a child's education. While each level looks different, you can see the building blocks of what begins in Primary.

Middle School Visits AIM

Recently our Middle School students visited AIM (formerly Anderson Interfaith Ministries) for a tour and a chance to do some volunteer work. Sarah, a young Americorps VISTA volunteer, showed us around the facility and shared how AIM helps those in need. We learned about several programs AIM offers, including their food pantry. Several hundred families receive help there every month.

Following the tour, our students had the opportunity to volunteer in the food pantry. They were given the tasks of preparing a huge supply of canned drinks and other nonperishables for distribution to clients. It was a treat to watch these students organize themselves and work together for more than an hour to get their tasks done!
They said they had a good time helping the community and look forward to going back!

Louise Knisley
Community Service Coordinator
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Belk Charity Sale

MSA is raising funds for new classroom materials and supplies for all classrooms while partnering with other local organizations and charities to help them raise funds as a part of Belk Charity Day.

How does it work? MSA sells $5 coupons for Belk Charity Day. We keep the $5 from each coupon sold and the purchaser gets $5 off a purchase of any amount at Belk in addition to extra savings available only with the coupon.

How can we help? If each MSA family will commit to sell just 4 Belk Charity Day coupons, MSA will earn at least $2000.

Coupons can be picked up in the office or submit your request to the office and we will send them home with your child. Please return all money from tickets sold and any unsold tickets by Thursday, May 3rd.

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