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Our Fort Lauderdale Insulation Company Can Repair Your Home’s Air Leakage

Most homes have air leakage or infiltration issues, what this means is that outside air is entering your house

by way of cracks or openings. When this happens, heat is making your home much warmer than it should be and causes your electric bill to be higher, as well as making your air conditioning unit cycle more frequently. When your home is properly air sealed you can correct this problem and will notice decreased cooling costs, and healthier indoor air quality. When one of our experienced Fort Lauderdale insulation technicians comes to your home for an evaluation, he will measure the amount of air intrusion before and after the repair, to show you as the homeowner the improvements done. Also, we give our customers a full detailed report that includes their home energy rating system (HERS) index and the cost and benefits analysis for recommended energy improvements.

What You Can Expect from our Fort Lauderdale Insulation Contractor

When you schedule A Best Insulation to come for a home energy assessment inspection, you can expect our Insulation Contractor in Fort Lauderdale to do a thorough walk through of you home and a visual check to assess for issues such as:

• Concerns related to energy efficiency, comfort, safety and health

• Inspection of your heating, ventilation, air conditioning unit

• Shell of home’s general condition - Walls, doors, windows, duct system

• Insulation types and R-Values

• Check for any condensation or moisture problems

• Potential health issues such as mold, or dust contamination

• Analyzing the utility bill history

Our Company does More Than Just Fort Lauderdale Insulation Services

If you want to schedule for a Home Performance Audit, one of ourFort Lauderdale insulation contractors will come prepared with their specialized diagnostic testing equipment such as a blower door, duct leakage tester, and infrared cameras to gather information regarding the air changes per hour, the locations and amount of leakage from the duct system and combustion system safety issues. Testing for air changes per hour is important because it shows how many times the air volume in the house is replaced per hour and is used to determine how leaky your home is. Once the home performance audit is completed, you will be provided with an itemized report that will include an “action plan” to give you cost effective solutions to all home energy concerns.

Our Fort Lauderdale Insulation Service Can Also Repair Your Duct Work

In most South Florida homes, ducts are used to distribute air conditioning throughout the house, however sometimes up to 20 to 30 percent of the air is lost due to leaks, holes and poorly connected ducts. A duct system that is designed and properly installed will make your home’s temperature more comfortable, energy efficient and safer. How can you tell if your home’s duct work is not working properly?

If you experience some of the following issues, you need to call A Best Insulation, a Fort Lauderdale insulation company to make an appointment for a home assessment.

• High summer and winter electric bills

• Particular rooms that are more difficult to cool or heat

• “Stuffy” rooms that are uncomfortable temperature wise

• If you notice tangled or kinked ducts in your attic

Why Have Our Fort Lauderdale Insulation Company Check Your Home’s Duct Work

There are many reasons that having your duct work checked by a professional Insulation Installers in Fort Lauderdale, if the duct work is not well designed or properly sealed, your home will not be energy efficient. Fumes from cleaning chemicals or outside garden chemicals, insulation particles, and dust can enter your duct system, and cause or irritate asthma and allergy problems. Sealing ducts or repairing leaks and holes will help improve your indoor air quality by reducing pollutants that enter the ducts and circulate in your home. If you have gas appliances, they release combustion gases, if your duct work is leaky this may cause “back drafting” which will cause the gases to be drawn back into the living spaces when it should be released to the outdoors If your ducts are sealed correctly, this will minimize the risk of these gases circulating in your home.

Call Our Fort Lauderdale Insulation Company for Savings

We at A Best Insulation employ only professional and educated insulation contractors in Fort Lauderdale. We want to show you how to keep energy costs in your home down. We incorporate science and technology into our methods of insulation services to improve the quality of homes, businesses, schools and hospitals.